April 13, 2021

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YouTube: Woman slaps a priest who gave a Mass for Holy Week

The extraordinary action confused the participants and they had to intervene to prevent the aggression from continuing

YouTube: Woman slaps a priest who gives a Mass for Holy Week. Photo: Capture / Video: R.D.

In San Cristobal (Venezuela), A woman slapped and kicked a priest who was giving a mass on Holy Thursday. The video capturing the attack was shared on social networks and it changed Virus And created great outrage.

According to Blue Radio, the victim, Pastor Jose Lucio Leon, received a strong call from a woman claiming to have mental disorders.

The event took place during a mass celebrated on Holy Thursday. The invader, before shouting at the priest, said, “You have heard who I am.”

After witnessing the attack, the shocked aides intervene and prevent the attack from continuing.

After the woman’s irrational action, the priest had to leave the ceremony shortly after, and the occupant was expelled from the temple.

The audiovisual material of the extraordinary event went viral on various social networks, where thousands of users criticized the woman’s attitude.

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