December 5, 2022

‘You are not alone’: The EU Parliamentary Committee told Taiwan during its first official visit

Taipei, Nov 4 (Reuters) – The European Parliament’s first official delegation to Taiwan on Thursday called for bold steps to strengthen EU-Taiwan relations as the island, which is diplomatically isolated, faces increasing pressure from Beijing.

Taiwan, which has no formal diplomatic relations with any European country other than the small Vatican City, is keen to deepen ties with EU members.

This visit comes at a time when China is Increased military pressure, Including repetitive tasks Chinese warplanes Near democratic Taiwan, Beijing claims the right to own it and does not refuse to take it by force.

“We have come here with a very simple, very clear message: you are not alone. Europe stands with you,” Rafael Kluxman, a French member of the European Parliament, told Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in a live broadcast on Facebook. .

“Our visit should be considered an important first step,” said Kluxman, who is leading the delegation. “But next we need a very solid agenda of high-level meetings and high-level concrete steps to build a very strong EU-Taiwan alliance.”

The three-day visit, organized by the European Parliament’s panel on foreign interference in democratic processes, will include discussions with Taiwanese officials on threats such as misinformation and cyber attacks.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and Rafael Kluxman, chairman of the European Parliament’s special committee on foreign intervention, attended a meeting on November 4, 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan. Guide by Taiwan Presidential Office / REUTERS

There is a slope Warned Increasing Chinese efforts to gain influence in Taiwan has prompted security agencies to counter infiltration efforts.

“We hope to establish a democratic coalition against misinformation,” Chai told reporters in the presidential office.

“We are confident that Taiwan and the European Union will continue our partnership on all fronts.”

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Woo did a Rare trip This angered Beijing in Europe last month, which warned against countries undermining relations with China.

Fearing Beijing’s retaliation, most countries do not want to treat senior Taiwanese ministers or send top officials to the island.

Last month, the European Parliament approved a resolution that would not be tied to measures such as the investment agreement to deepen relations with Taiwan.

Reported by Sarah Woo and Yimo Lee; Editing Stephen Coates

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