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Suraj Singh of Duo Tonal interviews Yoel Lewis. Hello Yoel Lewis, Greetings from India and Thank you so much for Being our Guest’s for the Month of April 2016. it’s Our Pleasure and Honour to have you on Our Radio Show ‘Tonic Sessions’.

‘Yoel Lewis’ is a team of 2 Musician’s, Yoel Allouche & Gal Abutbul from Jerusalem in Israel.

Q1: Your recent tracks have been named after places, what’s the Idea behind??

Answer: in the case of ‘Nepal’, we finished the track some days after the earthquacks there and it was our way to bring our solidarity to the people of Nepal. About the others tracks, We think that music is another way to travel all over the world! To feel in another place and the names we gave to our tracks are names of places when we would like to be and where it reminds us when we hear the music, like ‘Monaco’ or ‘Ceasarea’,

Q2: With so much competition in the industry out there, Do you have any challenges & what’s your motivation that kept you going on producing One Banger after Another??    

Answer: for us it’s not a competition. Our first reason why we make music is because our love to music! We produce music because we love what we do first of all and i really think that is one of the keys for the success, doesn’t matter if it’s in music or something else!

When you do something from your heart, you will always do that on your best! We don’t try to make one banger after another, but just to improve from track to another and to stay loyal to ourselves and to our music.

And of course, if our tracks are played by big DJ’s and loved by the public, it’s always a good bonus 🙂

Q3: We know that u have a lot of ID’s and track’s yet to come, what does 2016 look like for Yoel Lewis??

Answer: 2016 is definitely going to be a year with a lot of new stuff. And we have the honor to begin this year with 2 of our tracks on ASOT2016 compilation of Armin Van Buuren. we’ve already been in the studio working on some exciting original tracks, Remixes and collabs that we think are going to take the blur between trance and house to the next level.

Q4: Congratulation’s for ‘Goldengate’ and ‘Ceasarea’, it sounds massive, is this the biggest highlight for Yoel Lewis yet?

Answer: I think It’s too early to say if they are the biggest highlights or not, but personally, for the moment, it’s the tracks that we love the most! The break there are very melodic and very special, and that’s not something you hear everyday in the Trance music.

Q5: “Yoel Lewis” we always taught it’s an Individual’s name, Since you are team, Why Yoel Lewis??  

Answer: Our concept is like ‘Dash Berlin’: a group but with one main presentor. One guy on the front and another more behind the scene. That’s why we think it will be easier for the public to relay an individual name to one figure

Q6: You guys have been producing music from a long time under Big Label’s of Dance Music like Armada, Enhanced and Many more, What’s that you mainly concentrate while writing music and Any Quick Tip For Newbies?

Answer: for each part of the track, we have a kind of guideline that help us to make each part on the best way that we can.

In the ‘intro’, we always try to make something a little more “aggressive” that will work on the live sets.

And when we go into the breakdown, we always try to involve something dramatic and emotional and in that way, in one track we create a story that touch the public.

The drop will usually be Harmonic and aggressive on the same time and that’s the point where you take the public with you, where you give him all the feelings he’s looking for and simply make him dance!

And the best tip for the newbies we can give is: consistency!

Find your own style and just go with it! Be loyal to yourself!  Don’t try to change style all the time because in that way it will never work!

Q7: When & Where did u guys meet? And Can you tell us more about each one’s role in the team??

Answer: Yoel: when I began to produce music some years ago, I was looking for a mix & mastering engineer for my tracks, and someone advised me Gal Abutbul who was one of the main Trance Producers in Israel. I contacted him and we began from this point to work together, spend hours in the studio  and we immediately have been friends. And I think that it’s one of our secret: we are friends before colleagues…

During the time, we developed our own style of music in the studio and decided to make something about it and that’s how was born this project that we call: “Yoel Lewis”

Q8: Since your are doing an Exclusive guest mix for Duo Tonal – Tonic Session’s, what can we anticipate of Yoel Lewis in term of tracks and ID’s??

Answer: For that u need to Connect with us on our social media pages and also not forget to TUNE IN to our Guest Mix for Duo Tonal – Tonic Session’s on the 27th April on Trance Energy Radio at 14.00 GMT. And we think we answered the most of it in Q3 🙂

Well, That being said.. Thank you So much for taking your time out to answer these questions..

It’s Our Pleasure to have you on Duo Tonal – Tonic Session’s and We Wish You All the Very Best for Your Future Project’s. Cheer’s :-).

Co-Founder of Trance Hub, Curator of The Gathering events in India and ALT+TRANCE in Czech Republic. By day, a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with love for Food and Technology. By night, a dreamer who wants to grow the Trance scene in India.

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