February 5, 2023

Yankees trade Luke Voight for Padres

Yankees trade Luke Voight for Padres

After months of speculation, Luke VoigtBusiness time with the Yankees drew to a close on Friday. The Yankees and Padres agreed to a deal to send the struggling first baseman to San Diego in exchange for the right-hand man in the minor league. Justin LangAccording to the announcements of the two clubs. The Padres family moved with the right hand Michel Bayes to the injured list for 60 days in order to unlock a place in Voight’s 40-player roster.

Voit’s writing has been hanging on the wall at least since the re-signing of New York Anthony Rizzo – It can be said that it is longer than that. The Yanks acquired Rizzo last summer while Voit was on the injured list for the third time that year alone, and since the 2021 season ended, they have been linked to Rizzo, Freddy Freeman And the Matt Olson Because they made no secret of the pursuit of alternative options to the current Voit.

Voight’s trade represented the culmination of a rapid shift in the organization’s position on it. Just a year ago, Voight was heading into spring training as the clear number one baseman every day, having just led the Majors 22 times at home during the cut-off 2020 season. However, a knee injury at Camp led to meniscus surgery that kept Voight out for the first six weeks of the season. Voit was back in early May, but only two weeks later he was back in IL for 10 days due to a tilted strain. This problem kept Voight out for over three more weeks, and it only lasted one month before returning to IL in mid-July due to persistent inflammation in his surgically repaired left knee.

Finally, Voit was limited to just 68 games and 211 board appearances in 2021. When he was on the field, Voit remained fairly productive, cutting .239/.328/.427 (111 wRC+), but his offensive production wasn’t close Where are the peak levels? Looking beyond leading the Majors into long balls during the short 2020 season, Voight had snatched from the moment the Yankees took him from the Cardinal in exchange for painkillers. Chasin Sharif And the Giovanni Gallegos.

Largely barred from his regular playing time in St. Louis, Voight immediately established himself as a hidden gem discovered by the Yankees. He packed 14 home runs in less than two months over 2018, and in 892 trips to the plate as an 18-20 Yankee, he hit .279/.372/.543 with 57 home runs, and 31 doubles. Triple walk rate and 11.5% versus 26.3% strike rate. Even with the addition of his “low” year this past season, Voight’s time with the Yankees would be coming to an end with his strong .271/.363/.520 hitting streak in 1,133 board appearances.

This kind of production would be a boost to any lineup, and Padres in particular could use some hits of this sort at first base and/or a particular hitter. The first base in San Diego led by Eric Hosmer, and a combined hit of .275/.337/.412. That’s by no means a bad production, but the 106 wRC+ output ranked 20th in the major. Most disturbing was that the Padres, as a team, only hit .241/.324/.380 against the left throw (94 wRC+, 24 in MLB). Voit, a career .264/.344/.516 left-hand hitter, should be particularly helpful regarding this shortcoming—although it is important to note that he should not be considered a platoon player. On the contrary, Voit actually has slightly better job numbers against right-handed promotion.

Produced as he has been on the board throughout his time at the Yankees, Voight is an below average defender at first base. The Yankees have made improving defense an obvious priority lately, and this was made evident not only by bringing back Rizzo but also by moving him around. Jaleber Torres To the second base, get it Isaiah Keener Valiva To take control of the shortstop and move Gary Sanchez to twins in favor of what is currently expected to be the first pairing of the gauntlet Kyle Higashioka And the Ben Rortvedt (It was acquired in that deal with the twins.)

Voit is now heading to Padres not just for the 2022 season but possibly until 2024. Still eligible to referee, expected by Matt Schwartz, an MLBTR contributor, to earn $5.4 million in 2022 before earning a pair of raises above that amount. It’s a very reasonable price to pay for a Voit-caliber hitter, especially if he can ramp up production far from his 2021 production and closer to 2018-2020 levels.

As for the Yankees’ comeback, they’ll get a 20-year-old right-hander who can hit three numbers with his fastball, but he has raised questions from scouts about his leadership. Lange 6’4″, 220 pounds was the 34th pick overall in the 2020 draft and made his debut with the Padres’ Rookie-ball club in 2021. There, he made 22 runs with a 6.95 ERA, 28.4% strike rate and inflated walking rate 14.7%. When ranking Lange at number 13 among farm workers in San Diego, Keith Law Sports Books That Right has “huge stuff and build a horse” but it’s questionable as well as our knee problem lately.

Lange adds a strong arm to the lower levels of the Yankees system, albeit a high-risk one that would be a project for the development staff. Trading Voit drops Yankees payroll projected for 2022 a little south of $240 million, despite luxury tax commitments, it’s It’s still just over $253 millionwhich puts them squarely in the second tier of new penalties from the CBA.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic first reported Padres’ interest in Voit. MLB Network’s John Hyman first reports that Voit has traded with Padres (Twitter link). Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported back (Twitter link).