December 8, 2022

Tim Cook at WWDC 2019

WWDC 2022 Keynote live, with all iOS 16 headphones, MacBook Air, and AR updates as they happen


The space in front of the home screen fills up quickly. We have some nice seats, but this sun is heavy. My poor British skin suffers. Classic Brit, come see Apple and complain about the weather.

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We take our seats, and I’m here with Lance, US Editor-in-Chief!

Apple Campus during WWDC 2022

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Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, this year’s WWDC event is somewhat different. It’s personal, but the actual keyword will be streamed live on big outdoor screens for attendees, which is why we all got out in the sun.

I just heard someone seemingly official say we’ll be starting soon. Thrilling! I really hope you don’t melt in this heat.

iPhone at WWDC 2022

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Got some pretty badges to come! this is good.

Apple Park is a very impressive complex in Cupertino, one of Steve Job’s ultimate visions for the company. It has beautiful open spaces, inside trees and some of the biggest windows I’ve ever seen.

It is impressive.

Apple Campus during WWDC 2022

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Thanks Gareth! I’m Matt Hanson, here hoping to cover any exciting announcements for Mac, macOS, and MacBooks, and as Gareth said, I’m currently sitting in the scorching hot sun of Apple Park, Apple’s stunning California headquarters. I put on a lot of sunscreen in case anyone (especially my mom) is reading this and getting worried.

Apple Campus during WWDC 2022

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Well, now you’re done – I’m about to hand you Honorable Matt Hanson, our Managing Editor at Computing and Ents, who is currently rising in the Cupertino sun.

Thank you all, it was a blast!

Lance takes a selfie wearing a mask

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All right, we’re less than an hour away from the big event. The TechRadar team is up and starting to think about taking their seats…Are you ready?

Frankly, I do not understand this. Why isn’t there a Weather app on the iPad already?

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While we’re talking about Twitter, here’s one from Lance Ulanoff, who will take over this live blog post today from the depths of Cupertino itself.

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I can’t see HomePod Max, Pro or Air launching today, mostly because HomePod Mini just fine and bigger HomePodwhich was great but expensive, it didn’t work.

Getting to be one of the first to look at things and pick them up was amazing.

Cooking time Claxon! 🚨🚨🚨

He’s definitely awake, everyone. It is likely that he will be at the conference on time. # Journalism

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iPad Pro

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If you’re one of those “those” people who like to see their iPad more like a laptop, then I have good news for you: We’ll likely see it become more macOS-like this year.

This means, primarily, that you’ll be able to move and resize apps in a similar way to Windows, giving you more control over the real estate on your device.

This is an interesting move from Apple. While yes, making your iPad look like a Mac is a good thing (especially More models have high-end M1 chipset insidemaking them similar in strength) over the smaller ipad mini Screen, for example, this kind of navigation can be a nightmare with less screen space.

If that happens today, I think Apple will tweak it for different screen sizes…let’s wait and see, but it can make your iPad Pro more like a laptop than ever.

Apple store placeholder with moving heads on black background looking at Macbook

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I’ve attended this Apple event for many years now, and there is something almost comforting about the Apple Store before a big event.

What this tells us is that, again, there will be advertising affecting the products on sale today – Apple doesn’t want you to buy anything on the day only to find it upgraded within 24 hours.

This doesn’t really tell us who – which So much – I’m almost sure there won’t be anything new iPhone 14 In this event, but You can’t buy an iPhone 13 today But it’s always interesting that Apple likely loses hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales in order to drive this event.

Three Apple Watch devices on watchOS 8

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I’m a huge fan of the Apple Watch – I think it’s one of the best all-round smartwatches, but for something that’s been around for so many years, it’s sorely lacking in a professional version.

Word is we could see it at Apple’s upcoming event in September, which will be huge – and here we hope so watchOS 9 Come up with some great ideas for fitness today.

While I, of course, am super fit and great and great stuff, I admit there are better fitness experts out there – we’ve got one to tell us Five things they wanted to see from watchOS 9So go ahead and see if you agree.

Let’s keep the Bad News Bear conversation coming, shall we: it looks like it will See the new MacBook Air models today, but it wont Comes in cool new colors to get the creative juices flowing.

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While I understand that Apple wants to preserve the look and feel of its MacBook range, it’s missing a trick here.

There are a lot of colors on a Mac, so it wouldn’t be a wider color palette for Apple.

The Air is definitely one of the most attractive laptops for creators who don’t need a lot of power but want to express themselves with a laptop that can slip into a bag (or an envelope, for those who remember the first ever MacBook Air…)

Apple VR Headset

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I suppose we should get Big Bad News out of the way first: Apple’s (probably) augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset won’t show up today (Opens in a new tab).

That’s because, according to the New York Times, battery life issues are preventing it from being market-ready, and Apple is looking to correct it.

We’re still going to see a lot about augmented reality in today’s keynote, because Apple Likes But we won’t see the hardware that will finally make sense of this ongoing excitement around the augmented world.

good morning! Gareth Bevis is here, bringing you all the key news and information as we build on the big WWDC keyword.

Today has finally arrived, and an Apple event will be taking place in person. We missed heading to Cupertino to see all the big changes that Tim Cook has revealed in person – and we’ll be there with all our might.

A newly opened Apple developer center suggested refreshments – good to know.

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