November 30, 2022

World Series 2021 – Why the Atlanta Braves pulled Ian Anderson out of an unsuccessful auction

Atlanta – Here comes the final analysis move, another bad attack at the heart of the game. After five unbeaten innings in Game 3 of the World Series, manager Brian Snitker headed in. Ian Anderson At the Braves Duckout, Houston told his starter that he would take him out before facing the Astros’ order for the third time. Nerd-haters, get it all together – it’s kind of a classic.

Except for the decision maker, who said it was almost the opposite. Snitker, showing that he had zero interest in the grassroots desire of the human condition for drama, trampled the storyline not because of a spreadsheet, but because of the human feeling in the pit of his stomach. Anderson will not get his no-hitter, and the world will not get its favorite storyline, and there was one simple reason: it didn’t feel right.

“Ian, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure?’ It was like, “says Snitker. “But I said, ‘Ian, I’m going right here with my gut. My eyes, my gut.’ It would have been much easier to let him go. “

Snitker is unarmed fashionista – noble-level folklorist – and it helps to take the sting out of his elusive position. “The no-hitter thing,” he said, throwing it right there. “He’s not going to pitch a nine-inning no-hitter.”

Snitker spoke a little more, still seemed to be trying to convince himself, and finally said, “I don’t know. It may have retreated, I think, at the time, I was thinking of a game. At this level, he did his job.”

In the dugout, 23-year-old Anderson, who has a short history of improbable behavior and amazing pitching, was able to feel Snitker moving towards himself. He knows why, because Snitker makes that trip only with a handshake and a compliment.

“He walked downstairs and said, ‘That’s it. A job.'” You feel a little, I have to give more.

Anderson stared at Snitker’s round face, which gave Atlanta Braves Baseball almost 50 years. “I knew he wasn’t going to move,” he said. “We’m so lucky to have him. The way he treats us is unhealthy. For better or worse, he will wave your hand at every trip, and it will go a long way.”

The Braves won 2-0 and took two games one lead over the Astros, and if that result had been different the question – and the answers – would have been in a different tone. No-hitter lost in eighth place – when faced Tyler Matsek – Pinch-hitter Aletmis Dias To hit a fly ball to the short left field, it fell to the ground Eddie Rosario.

So the game’s least luxurious – almost decent – would have been one without hitters. There are no memorable defensive plays. Anderson is really good, but he put together the worst five innings you can imagine. He walked three, hit one, went full-on for five wins in five innings, and, on a cold and rainy night, nearly 76 of his 76 pitches were strikes. He had gone to full numbers twice Jose Aldue, Who was in the lead from sixth place, twice Alex Breckman, Who was in third place.

It didn’t feel important in any way until Snitker decided to finish it. Anderson knew better at the time and smiled with Snicker at the dugout after the handshake. When they were ready to finish the job, they were undoubtedly asked to describe the anticipatory wind that had penetrated the Braves’ lawn, “Well, Luke Jackson Do not know. [A.J.] Minder does not know. After I finished my innings, they came up to me and said, ‘Hey, did you know you missed the first win?’ Yes, I know. “

Anderson admitted he had a part in wanting to see how far he could spin with the no-hitter in the World Series. “I think I’ll process it a little more,” he said.

“I want to win a baseball game,” Snitker said. “I don’t see a lot of things. My wife always asks me, ‘Did you see? Did you see?’ And I have to say no.You’m boutique in the game, you’m not looking at things. But you know, he’s not going to throw a no – hitter. “

It’s not about world series, ratings or storylines. They are business decisions, clean and simple, whether they appear in a series of formulas or in the mind of a 66-year-old man.