December 5, 2022

Wisconsin vs. Michigan fight: Juan Howard attacks coach amid chaos after Badgers beat Wolverine

Mayhem erupted after the No. 15 Wisconsin observation Michigan, 77-63, Sunday afternoon in Madison, Wisconsin. It started as a serious post-match handshake line exchange between Michigan coach Juan Howard and Wisconsin coach Greg Card, which quickly escalated into a full-fledged fight involving players and coaches from both teams.

Madness erupted shortly after the final horn was over, and Kart confronted Howard, who appeared to be slow to enter the handshake line, and he was close to the scorer’s table. Kart stopped Howard from passing him, and the two exchanged words before the tensions erupted.

Howard thrust his finger into Gardiner’s face, leading to even more heated debate, before Howard’s assistant coach, Joe Grabenhaft, of Wisconsin, went into an open arms strike before making a swing. Things escalated quickly from there as the players got into a fight.

With only 15 seconds left in the game, the Cartes called it a timeout because the Badgers were leading 76-61. This decision seems to have troubled Howard, which eventually led to a tense post-match.

“Obviously, he didn’t like the fact that I called the deadline to reset the 10-second call,” Kart told CBS Sports about Howard’s comments prior to the incident. “We only had 4 seconds for the ball to cross the half court. I did not want to put my bench boys in a scrambled position, so I took the timeout. He did not like it coming through the handshake line.”

At a post-match press conference, Howard admitted that he was overheated because he was late.

“I did not like the deadline they called, and I was completely honest,” he said. “At the time I thought it was unnecessary, especially since it was a big front. … I thought it was not fair to our comrades.”

Howard, referring to the late deadline, described him as “remembering it”. The coach in Michigan defended his actions, noting that Kart had made contact with the handshake line.

“I think it’s very unpleasant for someone to touch me,” he said. “That’s what made it worse. … At the time, I thought it was time to protect myself.”

Wisconsin athletics director Chris McIntosh spoke to the media after the game, saying he had contacted Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren about the incident and hoped the league would act “quickly and aggressively”.

“We have staff affected and injured,” he said. “It’s hard for me to compose music myself to protect our staff and our team that did not provoke this event. It was clearly filmed on television today, and I do not know if this will take long to resolve.”

Michigan AT Warde Manuel apologizes for the response.

“None of our staff or student-athletes have any reason to engage in physical conflict with others regardless of motivational factors,” Manuel said in a statement. “I came and apologized [Wisconsin administration] For completely unacceptable behavior. We will review the situation more closely and work with the Big Ten conference as they determine their disciplinary action and whether any disciplinary action is required. “