December 5, 2022

Why Trump is deeply tense when the Capitol attack investigation is over | Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been increasingly incensed by the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol attack, and according to well-known sources, despite his opposition to his innocence, he seems curious that he could be caught up in the broader investigation of the insurgency.

The former president has complained more about the investigation in recent weeks, including why his former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, Shared a lot of things about January 6th With the selection committee, why dozens of other assistants have collaborated.

Trump is also upset by aides Implementation of the Fifth Amendment on Deposits – This makes them vulnerable and complicit in crime, he told allies – and treats them as fools for not following in the footsteps of his former strategist Steve Bannon. Simply ignoring the saponins.

When Trump saw the new developments in the Capitol attack investigation on television, he began to swear by negative coverage and regretted that House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy was too incompetent. Added Republicans to the committee Protect him.

The former president’s anger reflects the kind of bombshell he once directed at Russia’s investigation and special adviser inquiry when he occupied the White House. But a quick quick inquiry into whether Trump and top aides illegally conspired to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s victory at the January 6 joint session appears to have left him deeply concerned.

The portrait, which emerges from interviews with a number of sources close to Trump, including current and former aides, indicates that a former president is in a corner without hindrance, expediting the panel’s investigation.

Trump’s spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

But the path forward will be much more treacherous as Trump struggles to defend himself from the select committee, which is said to oversee public hearings and judicial hearings next year.

Although he feels he has done nothing wrong in promoting ways to thwart the 2020 election and supporters marching on the Capitol, the former president is particularly attached to his potential for legal expression. Has warned allies about Repeated failures in court On the basis of executive privilege, the selection committee seeks to stop receiving some of the White House’s most important documents from the National Archives on January 6.

The truth is that every day, the panel seems to be gathering new evidence of Trump’s guilt around a capitulation attack that could end up with recommendations for new electoral laws – but also for lawsuits.

Donald Trump supporters outside the Capitol building in Washington on January 6. Photo: Anatolia Agency / Getty Images

“I think the Justice Department will look closely at what evidence the committee has gathered and look for possible witnesses to the case,” said Ryan Goodman, a former defense special counsel. At New York University.

“One of the results of the committee’s work and public hearings is to prove the individuals who want to come forward as witnesses, and this should be very important for judicial prosecutors,” Goodman said.

House Investigators are expected to surpass more than 300 interviews soon The Trump administration Officials and Trump political activists as part of a process that provided 30,000 documents and 250 tips via the selection committee’s tip.

The latest revelations, such as the revelation of Meadows’ connection with PowerPoint, outlining how Trump could carry out the coup, First reported by the Guardian – Raises fears that the select committee is quickly moving towards a criminal outcome.

Trump’s allies are urging him not to worry, at least for now, because the select committee has not yet received the items subject to administrative privilege, either through Meadows or through the National Archives, which traps Trump personally.

In that sense, the former president’s bodyguards are right – not in the news team that shows Trump leading the attack on the Capitol, a source said – and that Trump has promised to appeal the National Archives case to the Supreme Court.

But anyone outside the selection panel, who are quietly advancing with glass windows and electronically protected doors from the glass office on Capitol Hill, did not know exactly what it found and whether the investigation ends with a criminal recommendation.

Meadows-only return material depicts a dangerous strategy to suspend Biden’s certification on January 6, including almost the entire federal government and lieutenants operating from the Willard Hotel in Washington.

A member of the selection committee described the events of January 6 as a combination of several strategies: “There was a DoJ strategy, a state legislature strategy, a state election official strategy, a vice president strategy. There was a rebellion strategy.”

Meadows received text messages on his personal phone that included Trump’s eldest son, Dan Jr., and members of the Republican Congress. Texts The meadows became the group Even if the White House knows that election frauds are false, if they are used to stop Biden’s certification, they could be used by an interested lawyer as evidence of a criminal ban to stop congressional proceedings.

House Selection Committee.
House Selection Committee. Photo: Rex / Shutterstock

Although Meadows has never testified about the communications, a team of top Trump officials, from former national security adviser Keith Kellogg to former Pence chief executive Mark Short, has moved to cooperate with House investigators.

The problem with Trump – and part of his frustration, sources said, is his inability to use the executive branch’s far-sighted power to influence the course of the investigation.

He hoped that the limited success of the strategies would prevent the Committee – Instruct the aides to break the saponins Or initiating legal challenges Slow down the release of White House records – Trump is confused.

“As a former president, I think he’s discovered that he has far less power than he did when he was president, but his playbook would not work if he were not president,” said Daniel Goldman, a former chief adviser on the first House criminal investigation into Trump.

In response to the declining number of legal avenues to reduce the investigation, Trump launched an e-mail attack on the select committee, which considers his dilemma and the inquiry designed solely to hurt him politically.

“The unelected group itself is fraudulent, with Never Trumpers, a Republican opponent, and two infamous RINOs, Cheney and Kinsinger, not being selected as the ‘dog catcher’ in their districts,” Trump said last month.

Personally, Trump is said to have laid the burden of his humiliation on Meadows, who was angry at his former White House chief executive for sharing important communications above all absurd details about Trump. Included in his book This month.

Trump’s allies, however, have become increasingly focused on questioning the legitimacy of the select committee and its structure, and the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has appointed two members of the Republican Party reduces the investigation to a discriminatory political attempt.

They also argue that there are no revelations to date – not like the Guardian Report on Trump’s call to the Willard Hotel, He pressured activists to suspend Pitton’s certification altogether – this is a criminal mistake.

But in the meantime, Trump has no choice but to wait for the panel’s report.

“The judiciary seems to be more reactionary than active,” Goodman said. “They may wait for the committee to complete its task of making criminal recommendations.”