February 8, 2023

Where to pre-order the Android Fear Special Edition and the Samus & EMMI Amoebo

Update: June 16 – Some UK pre-order pages are now live!

To its great excitement, Nintendo unveiled its new Metroid Game during their E3 2021 live. Metroid fear Created by Mercurystream, you will remember from the best Metroid: Samus Returns On 3DS.

Pre-orders for the game are now open in North America and the UK. You can buy it in a special edition bundle, which is amazing, or own it. Apart from this, you can also catch a two-pack amoeba featuring Samos and his frightening robot enemy EMMI.

We look forward to receiving pre-orders, and will update this guide when any new pre-order pages appear.

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Metro Tread logo

Pre-order the standard version of the Android Tread in the UK

Pre-order in the US is the standard version of the Android Tread

Metroid Fear SE

Pre-Order Android Fear: Special Edition in the UK

The special edition of the Android Tread features a beautiful steel-book case, an art book and five art cards celebrating each of the five 2D Android games.

Pre-Order Android Fear: Special Edition in the United States

Metro Tread Amoeba 2 Pack

Pre-order Samos and EMMI Amoeba in the US

To go with the game, Nintendo releases a pair of topper looking amoebas, which we think will be awesome. Although Nintendo has not yet revealed how the Samus and EMMI will work in the amoeba game, we do know that there will be some functionality in them, which is useful for them.

Let us know if you have pre-ordered any of the Android Trade Goodies with the comment below …