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Wikipedia describes Trance, as a collection of melodic loops mixed with a progression of soft & fast beats. However, ask a trance fan from anywhere around the world and I’m sure they will agree with us when we say that there is way more to it that just the beat or the melody.

Each one of us has a different perception of this six letter word, but perhaps the essence of every description will remain uniform. The most unique thing about trance that separates it from other genres is the fact that despite each track being starkly different from each other, it still manages to connect us all and take us to that utopian place we all look forward to being at. Words like Journey, Blissful and Uplifting have been so commonly associated with the genre, it’s almost become synonymous to what trance stands for.

In the universe of electronic music, trance has always been a genre that has been associated with spirituality. Several mortals like us have always found comfort in it. However, as unfortunate as it may seem, people these days have been ridiculing the genre and its artists. In fact, they have even gone a step ahead and deemed it as a dying art.

Probably, they have never experienced moments where the mid-climax of a trance song has covered their entire body with goose bumps, or had their feet tremble while listening to the haunting yet beautiful vocals or the feel a surge of emotions which makes you want to cry and smile at the same time.

Well, to all of them out there, all we can do is sympathise with them, because honestly, no matter how much you try, these feelings cannot be bought. It can only be experienced. Moving further, since we are anyhow discussing the genre, we also will shed some light on the two major aspects that form the crux of the scene, the artists & the trance community or the fans.

Going back to old school analogies, trance has been blessed to have artists that have always looked to build and improve the genre. They are the Knights templar, the humans who have always done everything to protect the Holy Grail which bears the origins of the genre. If artists are the gladiators in the field of music, the trance community is the loudest community in the Colosseum, always motivating and cheering its heroes.

Each artist in this field has managed to incorporate different elements and modify the sounds to not only create musical masterpieces to please their fans, but to also broaden the horizons of the genre and to provide a multi-faceted music experience.

Trance fans are probably the warmest people on earth. No wonder group hugs amongst random people who may be absolute strangers are one of the most common sightings during trance gatherings. These songs have the ability to bring people together as ONE. Most of all, it’s only this genre that we have the concept of a trance family. The reason why we fell in love with the genre is not solely because of the music, but also the all round experience and the community. The feeling of walking through the doors of an event and letting loose is one of the most euphoric feelings we have ever experienced. It’s not about the drop or the “1, 2, 3 jump” cliché chant. It’s more about actually connecting with the music on a spiritual level which is absolutely surreal.

Also, no one is embarrassed or ashamed to show their feelings. In fact, the genre encourages you to look into the depths of your soul. That is the reason you see people crying at these events. They are surrounded by people who hold them and hug them and share the emotion with them. The genre bonds people together. People have walked in here and have ended up finding their soul mates. In fact, the both us writing this piece, also met because of trance. So many of us have friends from all across the globe mainly because of the genre. This is the beauty of trance.

What is even more beautiful to watch is the fierce loyalty of the fans. They swear by the genre. Most of all, the artists also do understand the responsibility that comes with their positions. They are extremely approachable and they understand the gravity of their impact on the lives of the people listening to their music.

Maybe Trance is not on the main stage anymore, but we feel that it doesn’t affect the way the ones true to community think. As long as all of us are able to sway our hands in the air & feel each beat, feel each moment and sometimes even cry randomly, we are fine even if we get a small space to listen & dance to the sounds of the genre we love. Because, when we fell in love with the genre, it was not because it was popular or because it was commercial. We fell in love with the sounds, and it is the only thing that will matter.

This article was written by Gaurav Purohit and Shivani Murthy


Trance enthusiast. Armada Ambassador. Content writer. I’m not afraid of 138! Making people give Trance a chance.

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