February 8, 2023

What to look for before Katanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation

Judge Kodanji Brown Jackson’s affidavit was confirmed Monday by Republican senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mitt Romney of Utah as the first black woman in the Supreme Court. They were joined by their fellow senator Susan Collins Maine pledged their support. Their support gave Judge Jackson’s 50 Democrats a voting cushion and some bipartisan boastful rights.

But on Thursday, the Senate still had to pick up Two important steps to confirm her: Referendum to end the debate and final call for his confirmation. The The first ballot will be held at 11 a.m.And this The second is expected at 1:45 p.m.According to Senator Chuck Schumer, New York is the Democrats and majority leader.

“It will be a happy day,” he said. Schumer announced the deal on Wednesday night, Thursday, to complete the confirmation.

The first step is for senators I agree to limit the discussion on the appointment of a judge. In the past, it would require 60 votes, which is still the case in most laws. But Republicans changed the rules for Supreme Court candidates in 2017, and President Donald J. Trump’s elected Justice Neil M. Korsch overcame the Democrats. Making a simple majority.

Under the agreement, senators who want to continue discussing Judge Jackson’s appointment will only have to do so for a few hours. Mr. Schumer said it was unclear how many people would like to attend the Senate A final speech.

While the outcome may seem settled, it will be a moment to show that Judge Jackson’s harsh critics have finally made an attack, provoked their colleagues and fought to the bitter end. His supporters would like to deny what they consider to be an unjustified and deliberately twisted attack on his record and experience. As a majority party, Democrats have the right to the last word If they wish.

No small question about where the senators stand. Almost everyone has formally announced their positions The Senate voted All 50 Democrats and three Republicans backed the maneuver to force the appointment from the stalemate judicial committee on Monday night. Until something significant happens, that number 53 to 47 will be the final ballot to be confirmed.

The confirmation vote will end a suspenseful and controversial process that began in late February Judge Stephen G. Prairie announced his retirement In the early summer. His decision is who will replace him and Mr. Biden’s candidate set the Yuki game on whether he could unite the Democrats and defeat some Republicans. Those questions have been answered; Now only the final votes are waiting.