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Wednesdays have been made memorable thanks to a sleuth of hashtags trending on your timelines. We caught the flu with one such hashtag and decided to embrace it with full glory. Presenting #WCW with Natalie Gioia.

Natalie Gioia (real name Natalie Sebekina) is the voice behind some of my favourite tunes. Her sublime voice can give angels and mermaids a run for their money. Hailing from Ukraine, she’s worked with some really talented producers in the trance music scene. They include Alex M.O.R.P.H., RAM, Binary Finary, Tucandeo to name a few.

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from Natalie’s Instagram timeline. Follow her now @nataliegioia.

Caught) #NatalieGioia #Themoment #Thereason #ASOT #Funny #Friends

A photo posted by Natalie Gioia (@nataliegioia) on

Tunisia… Djerba… Happiness… #Tunisia #Djerba #sie #nataliegioia #trancemusic #trancefamily

A photo posted by Natalie Gioia (@nataliegioia) on

#NatalieGioia #trancemusic #EDM #Trancecommunity #Trancefamily #music #astateoftrance #ASOT #instasize

A photo posted by Natalie Gioia (@nataliegioia) on

I love Bali)

A photo posted by Natalie Gioia (@nataliegioia) on

A little bit of summer rays in winter 😍

A photo posted by Natalie Gioia (@nataliegioia) on

Keep making those beautiful tunes Natalie, we love you!

Out of the 24 hours each day, I make sure I have myself surrounded with music for at least 12-15 hours. It’s quite difficult for me to imagine a world without music. I trip to music while sleeping, eating, traveling, working & during all the other important activities in life which somehow didn’t make it here.

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