December 8, 2022

Warriors vs.. Mavericks: Damien Lee and Davis Bertens were hit by technical glitches after a bizarre first half incident.

Getty Images

Game 2 of the final of the Western Conference between Golden State Warriors And Dallas Mavericks Friday night reached a boiling point after a bizarre incident in the second quarter Damien Lee And Davis Bertens.

With just eight minutes left in the second quarter, Spencer Tinvit The ball swung to Bertons in the corner, and the big man started a quick 3-pointer. Despite a strong rivalry from Lee, perhaps it should have been called a foul, Bertons got the shot to go, and was knocked down in the process.

With no mistake made, Bertens immediately tried to get on his feet, so he ran back to safety. As he began to stand up, Lee tried to jump over La Allen Iverson over Die Lou in the 2001 final. The result was a bizarre collision in which Lee was thrown straight into his back.

Anger was evident in the immediate aftermath, and the two teammates talked to each other. The incident in front of the Mavericks bench was not fruitful. In the end, everyone kept their heads down and no problem. Warriors Won as 126-117 19 In a thrilling attempt after a setback.

However, the referees went to the monitor and after a brief review evaluated the dual technologies – one for Lee and one for Bertons. They both really aren’t technically qualified because it’s a casual interaction that was a lot worse than it actually was, but you can understand the hints of trying to solve the game.