April 13, 2021

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Viral Video | Truck driver assaults a delivery man Trends | Social Networks | Brazil | Viral

By , A video went viral because it shows the exact moment a thief is run over by a truck driver, after realizing that he is going to attack a delivery man. The clip generated all sorts of reactions among internet users.

The scene, captured on March 18 in a city in Brazil, begins when a worker leaves an order and prepares to leave. Shortly after wearing the helmet, an object stops him and threatens him with a knife. Apparently, the victim was about to hand him a bag carrying the money.

When the delivery man was intimidated, the driver of a car that had passed the place, noticing the truth, decided to speed up the offender to run away in surprise. Thus, he was seriously injured. Although the exact location of the events is not known, video has become a trend and has unleashed all sorts of reactions among internet users.

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While some rated the driver’s action as correct, others said it was a tragedy.

The images have so far amassed more than 4.7 million copies.

The case is similar to the case of a delivery man who stealthily drove his truck over three thieves. The event was captured outside a self-service store in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico), and the images went around the world.

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In the video recorded by a security camera, you can see moments of crossing the corner of Gonzalez Gallo Avenue and Salvador Lopez Chavez Street in the vicinity of Atlas.

As they were about to leave, a truck, driven by the assailant, jumped onto the sidewalk at full speed and ran over the youth, lying on the sidewalk.

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