April 13, 2021

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Viral Video | Daughter of an American Secret Service agent receives a trend for security tips for women | Dictok | USA | USA | nnda nnrt | Viral

Lauren Bell Young owner of a boutique Pennsylvania And the daughter of an agent It enters inside What For a viral video, she shares safety tips for women that her father taught her over the years, which on one occasion helped save her life.

In her post, how the little girl expressed her father’s warnings, he always remembered it “Question all and sundry”.

Lauren used a popular course to spread her father’s teachings In it people write messages in a sober background to loved ones, disguised as fake inspirational phrases loaded with relevant information like this. “Be vigilant at all times” Oh “Do not go out too late at night or early in the morning”.

From the tips when leaving “Always be aware of your environment”, “Never turn the door” Oh “Always worry about what’s in your head, but don’t worry about what’s in it”, Something that is always put into practice “Bottled order drinks because they are so hard to drug”.

As for the table, a kind of defensive spray, father Lauren Always points it out “It’s better to have it on hand without your bag” It is useless if you can not achieve it quickly. “If you think they are following you, turn right four times.”, Another tip to find out if someone is hot on your heels.

Experienced agents United States Secret Service Suggests “Never leave home with headphones on” And that “Someone you trust should always know our whereabouts.”; However, by pointing out where he divided the opinion of his daughter’s followers “Men will never ask for help”According to the British newspaper .

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The author explains that Lauren’s father relied on this thing From , Yes “A man who targets a woman asks her to help her with something. Maybe approaching her is a tactic to reduce her security.” Oh “If you shop and collide with someone multiple times, it’s not a coincidence.”.

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