April 13, 2021

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Viral Video | Clover, the dog who stopped the traffic on the entire street to help his owner | YouTube | nnda nnni | Stories

Haley Moore is a young Canadian who would not tell his story if it were not for the quick action of his dog Clover, who would not hesitate to stop a full street traffic in Ottawa for help. The dog’s action was recorded by a security camera and soon went around the world.

Haley and Clover were walking outside when the young woman began to feel unwell. He walked out into the middle of the street. Clover immediately got off the bar and a truck was able to stop the traffic by slowing down so that the rest of the cars were stopped and their drivers wondering what was going on.

“I remember getting up in the ambulance and was very confused about what was going on.”Haley says , “As we were walking I got out and they told me that Clover jumped on the road to help me. It saved my lifeI’m very grateful for that. “.

More info: She is Maria Goldakova, a 99-year-old woman, pilot of a fighter jet and a tank.

The truck driver, Triton O’Dwyer, describes what happened to Clover. “I saw Clover in the middle of my path, and Apparently it went unnoticed. That’s when I realized Haley was on the floor. It was interesting, the bitch went to the street to stop my truck. “, He promises.

Otway just approached the house next door So they call an ambulance, Clover warned another driver, who quickly came to help. Clover’s action was recorded by one of the security cameras Installed on the street. It has now gone viral on YouTube.

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“If this happens to me again, I feel very safe I know he’s by my side. “Says Haley.