April 13, 2021

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Viral | Georgia restaurant owner gives job to a thief who robbed his place at midnight | Facebook | USA | USA | USA | nnda nnrt | Stories

Illegally broken into a restaurant In Augusta, Georgia (), Causing buzz among users What In order to give the person in charge a second chance in life instead of reporting to the authorities as someone has done when faced with a similar situation. In the release, made by its owner Carl Wallace, They promise that an unknown person entered the premises early Saturday morning April 3, A photo of the shattered glass of the main door and the face of the main suspect captured by security camera.

“Ours burritos They are so popular that people come at 4am to get them. So if you look at our wonderful door our local was washed away by a hurricane Wheeler Road This is the reason. Please come to a job application for a thief who clearly makes difficult life decisions or money problems. There are better opportunities than this path you have chosen. My personal cell phone number 706-513-3557. No cops, no questions. We can sit down and talk about how we can help you and take you on a better path for you. “, The business owner signed the message.

In a few hours, the release About 3,700 reactions and 616 comments, an additional 4,300 times have been shared. No one expected the person who was unexpectedly in pain to call the thief to work. “Instead of the natural reaction to being angry, we contacted him and decided to tell him that he had chosen a bad career path, and we’re willing to offer him a job if he changed what he was doing in his life.”, He noted Wallace, Many agree that this is a real act “Turn the other cheek” Probably the impact of the spirit Held this weekend.

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Beyond the support received on Social mediaSome decided to go in person and go to the restaurant to greet the owner’s initiative. “I saw the post in a group Called Connect Augusta, I thought it was one of the best things I could have read. ”, he said Dear is the best For news cameras Message12 Of the station . “So I wanted to help this business as a result of what I saw and the kindness shown.”Girl added. WallaceFor his part, he said everything was under lock and key, so the culprit could not take even a penny, but pointed out that things could end in a very bad way.

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“Every time they do this they are in a lot of danger: what would have happened if the business owner and themselves, or the police, had shown up in the middle of the test.”Along with the restaurant owner, the next time the robbery suspect decides to give him another visit, he is encouraged to fill out a job application instead of breaking the glass at the front door. “I can not fix or save the world, but I can make a difference in a person’s life. So I tried to take this approach, so this weekend Easter, We can find a ‘divine’ solution to the situation “Revealed compassionate entrepreneurs.

It is not yet known whether the protagonist of this unity dared the thief to accept the call of the good Samaritan , But the news crew Message12 They were contacted Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Find out if the owners of a nearby donut shop encountered a robbery a few weeks ago and that the two may have been involved, and that some police report has been filed on this suspicion. He was found in the drawer of the cash register.

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