November 30, 2022

Verification of Fiden’s CNN Town Hall in Baltimore

Biden made some misleading claims, along with other claims that could use additional context. He has visited the southern border in the past, making a claim that CNN could not verify immediately and that the White House did not immediately provide evidence to support it.

Here is a verification of some of his requests from Town Hall on Thursday.

A college student asked Biden: “Since you have been in your campaign for almost a year, why did you not go to the southern border of our country?”

Although Biden addressed another immigration question from the student, Cooper followed suit after ignoring it. Biden replied, “I’ve been there before, I’m not – I mean, I know better. I think I should go down. But – but to its full point: I had a lot of time to get off.

Biden explained that he spends time exploring hurricane damage and “traveling around the world” and then added, “But I plan – now, my wife, Jill, was down. She was on both sides of the river. She. I saw the conditions there.”

First the facts: CNN did not immediately find any evidence that Biden had previously traveled to the southern border, and the White House did not specify when the visit took place. Also, it is noticeable Jill Biden’s last visit The border was in December 2019 Presidential campaign, not the first lady.

Since we do not know what the President did every day of a political career that began in 1970, we cannot now declare that he issued a false statement when he previously claimed to have gone to the border. But we could not immediately find any news of such a visit, and the White House did not provide confirming information. A White House spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday night.

Biden visited the southern frontier The September press conference came From White House Press Secretary Jen Saki. When asked by Fox News if Biden had crossed the border, Zaki said, “I need to get – look back at my history books and check the times he went to the southern border.” When the reporter said they had not found evidence of Biden’s visit at any time, Zaki softened his tongue, saying, “Let’s see when I last or when I was.”

Two days later, when a reporter asked why Biden had not “seen the southern border” yet, Zaki did not deny the claim, but instead said Biden believed, “The most constructive role we can play is to help push forward immigration reform that has been broken over the past several years.” He asked his group of advisers, who had visited the border several times, what the path forward should be.

Although one reason Biden did not go to the border as president to date is to travel abroad, he made only one foreign trip in the first nine months of his epidemic period — a trip to Europe in June. He is scheduled to travel to Europe next weekend for the G20 summit and the United Nations climate conference.

Tax rates

After he was Asked Asked about taxes on the rich, Biden said “under the current tax code, the maximum tax rate is 35 percent.”
First the facts: Biden made a mistake. Upper margin ratio 37% actually; 35% is the second highest margin ratio. 37% of individual single taxpayers file more than $ 523,600 in income and married couples file more than $ 628,300 in taxable income. The 35 percent rate affects married joint filers with a taxable income of more than $ 209,425 and an income of more than $ 418,850.

Fox and vaccines

Speaking about the right-wing television station Fox News, Biden asked, “Did you realize they were forcing vaccinations?”

First the facts: This requires context. Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News, said the Govt-19 vaccination policy was harsher than many Biden had planned to impose on several U.S. companies — and Fox News hosts, CNN Journalists And others, have Described Pitton’s principle is “order”. However, it’s worth noting that Fox Corporation doesn’t really need to vaccinate employees. In contrast, in September Memo, Fox Corporation announced that non-vaccinated employees should be tested daily.
In other words, Fox policy has been described as a very vaccine or test command. However, we can not be too hard on what Biden describes as his vaccination order Scheduled Vaccine or Testing Order He says companies with 100 or more employees must ensure that their workers are vaccinated or tested at least weekly — this is commonly described as the vaccination mandate in Fox and elsewhere.

Biden’s Jobs Record

Biden said, “In the first eight months of my administration, we have created more jobs than any president in American history.”

First the facts: This True, But the circumstances of Biden’s first eight months were very different from those of the newly elected president. Meaningful direct comparison Impossible to be effective. Biden took office less than a year after the economy lost more than 22 million jobs in two months due to the epidemic. Even if jobs that started in May 2020 are revived, there are still 5 million fewer jobs in the United States than were done before the epidemic. In other words, the gains of the Biden period — adding an average of more than 600,000 jobs per month from February to September — still fill the huge epidemic hole.

Biden is free and, of course, argued that he was doing a good job of filling that hole. But his president-against-president boasting should be viewed with contextual caution.

This is a broken story and will be updated.