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Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ are nice and all, but it’s only when backed by a thumping untz untz untz that they really come to life, right?

This is what the PR team at the Van Gogh Museum must have been thinking on a particularly exasperated Friday recently, as the museum has just announced a partnership with Armin van Buuren. A special edition of the multimedia guide for visitors will be launched, featuring personal commentary from van Buuren and music from his world tour.

Van Gogh Van Buuren

Named ‘Embrace Vincent’ after the DJ’s new album Embrace, the initiative will allow you to stare into the piercing eyes of Van Gogh’s self-portrait as the drop on ‘Off The Hook’ kicks in, a potentially seizure-inducing juxtaposition. “After meeting Willem van Gogh and getting to know more about the museum, I was blown away,” van Buuren commented.

“The paintings come to life, it’s hard to get them out of your head. And I instinctively linked the paintings to music. Van Gogh is inspirational, and he certainly inspired me.”

Van Gogh’s trance influence is of course clear in paintings like 1890’s ‘Garden with Butterflies’ and 1888’s ‘Farmhouse in a Wheatfield’.

The DJ will also perform a set at the museum, with a limited number of tickets being made available to fans of Vincent van Gogh and Armin van Buuren (presumably a small overlap) on their respective social media channels.

The addition to the multimedia guide will be available at the Amsterdam museum until 1 December.

Source: Independent

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