December 6, 2022

US Open 2022 - Sights, sounds and best moments from Round Three

US Open 2022 – Sights, sounds and best moments from Round Three

BROOKLINE, Massachusetts. A lot can happen on a Saturday at the US Open, especially with a full leaderboard like this one. With a mix of big names and lesser-known names, things can get really fun on a cooler, windy day at The Country Club.

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Here is what happens:

name game

The announcements about the first tee at the US Open did not go well. on Friday, Scott Stallings, which originated in Worcester has been presented as being from the “Chester War”. It is actually pronounced “Wu-str” and the locals let the man who said it know. On Saturday, things got worse.

Justin Thomas very famous. Just won the PGA Championship. Fifth place in the world. Simple, isn’t it? no. Introduced as “Justin Thompson”.

for accuracy

In the US Open, you choose your positions very carefully. This is what players will stare at all day long.

money talking

Thanks to LIV Golf, the sport talks a lot about money these days. On Saturday morning, the USGA released the full details of the portfolio for the week.

Let’s start first with those who didn’t make the cut. Each earned $10,000 for the two working days. Now, to the real money (considering that Charles Schwarzl He earned $4.75 million for winning the first LIV event in London. The total payments are $17.5 million. Here’s what a place in the top ten deserves:

1. $3.15 million
2. 1.89 million dollars
3. $1.23 million
4. 859,032 dollars
5. $715,491
6. $63,415
7. $571,950
8. $512,249
9. $463,604
10. $425,830

The player who finishes 60 will receive $36,852.