December 4, 2022

UPS Stock: UPS revenue is beating but some key measurements are coming to light

UPS (UPS) Beat second-quarter revenue forecasts on Tuesday, amid continued high demand for housing and healthcare supplies. But US revenue growth and margin forecasts underscore some of the forecasts. UPS stock plummeted.


The report comes amid severe supply chain disruptions around the world as the global economy grows again. UPS and FedEx (FDX) Have raised additional fees in recent months, but have had difficulty delivering on time.

UPS Revenue

Ratings: According to Factset Analysts, UPS revenue per share rose 32% year-on-year to 81,81. They expect sales to rise 13% to $ 23.19 billion.

Results: UPS revenue rose $ 3.06 a share, up 14% to $ 23.42 billion.

U.S. GDP rose 10.2%, slightly below some forecasts.

UPS advances by 12.7% against the operating margin of 14% in Q2.

As the Govt Delta variant spreads rapidly, everyone is likely to retreat to online shopping and home delivery back home.

UPS, meanwhile, is a leader in vaccine and distribution. At the June 9 Investor Day event, the company forecasts that its healthcare segment will increase revenue by $ 10 billion by 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 12.3%.

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UPS stock

Shares traded down 7.5% at 194.04 in morning trade The stock market today. UPS stock is trading at 219.69 Buy point From a Flat base, Step Marketsmith chart analysis. An initial entry just above the short-term high is 215.03.

Its Relative strength line Goes downhill, but after hitting a multi-year high in May. The role of UPS is a RS rating 84 out of 99 possible. Its EPS rating Is 89.

FedEx shares are down 4% at 285.67 because of the flat-base buying point of 320. RS for FTX stock. The tax has lagged behind for the past nine months. Last month, FedEx suspended about 1,400 cargo ship customers in a shocking move aimed at reducing network congestion. The Wall Street Journal Said.

Also in June, FedEx fund Q4 earnings nearly rank With analyst views, revenue growth was further accelerated. (AMZN), A major UPS customer, but a growing competitor, reports earnings on Thursday night. AMZN shares lost 0.6% in early trading on Tuesday.

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