November 29, 2022

Unvaccinated U.S. visitors may face new restrictions on travel to Europe

BRUSSELS – The European Union (EU) on Monday recommended the re-introduction of travel restrictions for travelers from the United States. May be in that place for several months.

The Council of Europe, which includes the leaders of the 27 countries of the Federation, Removed The United States is on the “safe list” of countries that can settle without requirements such as isolation and testing.

Change is not mandatory. Each EU member state imposes its own travel rules and can decide whether or not to follow the guidelines, so it is not immediately clear which countries will reintroduce the restrictions or when they will start.

If implemented, the new restrictions will only apply to non-vaccinated travelers — the European Council recommends that all visitors who are already fully vaccinated with the EU-approved vaccine be allowed to travel. That includes all three vaccines available in the United States.

Most countries in the camp do not need to be isolated once the Americans arrive, but have a few isolated requirements this summer, including, in some cases, vaccinated visitors.

Still, most vaccinated American tourists were able to enjoy the beaches of Greece, Spain or Portugal, the Italian countryside or the streets of Amsterdam or Paris without a hitch, promoting the tourism industry that closed to them last year.

In countries like France, Greece and Spain, American visitors make up the largest group of tourists from non-European countries. In others, such as Portugal, the total cost of Americans is higher than in any other country.

But because of the return to America An average of 100,000 Govt hospitals daily Last week, the Council of Europe advised EU countries to close their borders to essential travels of unvaccinated Americans, in the hope that the delta variation would spread. According to federal data, the average seven-day U.S. Govt hospitalization hospitalization saw nearly 140,000 people hospitalized in mid-January.

One of the Council’s criteria for deregulation is that a country must have less than 75 corona virus cases per 100,000 people in the last 14 days, but the United States has a European Centers for Disease Control, according to data provided that the infection rate is above that limit. The United States is classified as a red zone by the agency, the second most dangerous color after dark red.

Other criteria defined by the Council of Europe include the steady or declining trend in Govt cases. Despite the increase in corona virus infections reported in the United States this month, that number is relatively steady throughout the European Union.

A European official, aware of the controversy surrounding the announcement, spoke anonymously to discuss the revision of the list, saying the update was based on the latest scientific data. Other countries removed from the “safe list” include Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and northern Macedonia.

The European Union recommended that its member states reopen their borders to US travelers in June, but there was growing frustration and lack of understanding. Mutual deficits from the United States.