December 8, 2022

Unvaccinated teacher infects half of students with goiter, CDC finds | Corona virus

Teacher not vaccinated in A California Researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that elementary school affected half of its students and 26 when it infected the Govit-19 delta type.

The researchers said the teacher had been studying at school for two days rather than the symptoms of Covit-19 and was reading aloud in his class without a mask at the time. Infections are related to the seating chart of the classroom, and students are more likely to become infected because they are sitting too close to the teacher.

Officials said the report shows why vaccines, masks and other preventive measures are important to prevent Govt-19 infections as U.S. schools reopen. They also warned that anyone with symptoms of Govt-19 should stay at home to avoid infecting others.

“Evidence has repeatedly demonstrated multi-layered immunization strategies, such as vaccinating all children and adults. Masks for all students, faculty, staff and spectators; ventilation; integration; physical distance; and screening testing – work to prevent the spread of goiter in schools,” said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Valensky. Said. Press conference Friday.

The report is likely to increase calls for vaccination orders in schools, as well as some districts New York City Have already been implemented. In the California trial, children in Marin County were too young to be vaccinated.

Children between the ages of 12 and 17 are eligible for the vaccine, although coverage levels are far behind those with complications ranging from COV-19.

Tom Frieden, former head of the CDC, said: “Delta is twice as contagious, and we need to increase our play to keep children safe at school, that is, teachers, staff and deserving students should be vaccinated, and everyone should wear a mask.

But Valensky said: “Unfortunately, many schools do not want to implement these recommended tools.

There are about 2m covit-19 infections and 300 associated deaths in the five- to 17-year-old age range, another CDC report released on Friday found.

In the explosion in the district of Marin, The researchers studied Untitled Elementary School. It is customary to disclose identifying information at the CDC diagnosis.

The outbreak occurred from mid-May to June and one of the teachers who was not infected was not vaccinated at the school. The teacher had Govt-19 symptoms in mid-May, but continued to work until he received a positive corona virus test.

Although face masks are required within the school, the teacher does not wear a mask when reading to students. Half the children in her class are affected, six students in separate classes and eight family members of teacher students. In total, one teacher infected 26 people.

The high incidence of infections also showed how the delta is particularly prevalent in unvaccinated populations, i.e. very young children per shot.

However, there was a bright spot. Higher vaccine levels in Marine County would probably have prevented more social infections, which would have been expected based on previous research.

CDC too Issued a statement About how Los Angeles County schools have reduced cases below the social spread rate among students.

The researchers found mitigation measures such as masks, physical distance and “tests” to reduce the Govt-19 infection in schools. Significantly, this study was conducted before the delta variant dominated American cases.

A A third study from the CDC Only 32% of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 were found to be fully vaccinated, although, as with adult vaccines, conditions vary widely by state. Mississippi had a low vaccination rate, with Vermont having a maximum of 20% and 70% in adolescence, respectively.