January 30, 2023

Unvaccinated QB Carson joins Vents Covit-19 list, competes for Golds playoff spot | Indianapolis Golds

Carson Vents is expected to miss Sunday’s crucial game against Las Vegas Indianapolis Golds Tuesday featured in their opening quarter on the Reserve / Govt-19 list.

It was not immediately clear whether he had tested positive for the Vents virus or was in close contact with someone else who tested positive.

But Vents is not vaccinated and NFL Players who test positive for ethics should sit for 10 days. Although the CDC has changed its guidelines for the asymptomatic, recommending a five-day isolation period and wearing a mask for the second five days, it is unclear whether the NFL will change its requirements.

Time will not be bad for the Golds, who have recovered from a 1-4 start, they will win 8 of the last 10. They can capture one of the seven AFC playoff spots with a win against the Raiders.

The move by India comes after five players, including right-hander Braden Smith, were added to the fast-expanding Govt-19 list within a day and 24 hours after coach Frank Reich was asked if he would take any extra precautions to protect the Vents.

“Yes, it has been with the team – really for every player,” Reich said. “So, we’ll have a plan for the whole team, a plan for some people, Carson is one of them but not the only one. I do not want to talk in detail about each person we can do a little extra with each person, but those things are talked about.

Vent’s backup rookie is Sam Ehlinger, who has played in three games but has not thrown a single pass this season. He was selected in the sixth round draft.

Senior players Brett Huntley and James Morgan are on the Indian coaching staff. Huntley has gone 3-6 as a starter in his NFL career.

Despite missing six starters due to Kovit-19 and losing two more in the first half, Indy won Saturday in Arizona. The absence forced India to play only with Smith, one of its five regular attacking openers.

It is unclear how many of those players will return on Sunday.

But Reich made one thing clear on Monday – the Golds did not ask last season’s opener Philip Rivers to retire for help.

“No,” Reich said. “We are in the situation we are in now. We are glad we are here.”