Mario Kart
Photo: via Twitter (@ForestIllusion)

Nintendo save website illusion forest gained “notorious” Mario Kart XXL Technical demo – Presentation by Denaris Entertainment Software for Game Boy Advance, dating back to April 2004. Now available for download.

German Development Studio (founded by Torrican Creator Manfred Trenz) originally introduced the game and a “dynamic and customizable perspective rendering engine featuring dual courts” to Nintendo of Europe. The demo consists of a single track using Mario Kart assets and features a BGM from a PlayStation racer called Morehon Kartwhich Denaris also helped develop.

Interestingly enough, this Mario Kart offering started life as a racing game called “R3D-DemoThe same developer eventually released a Game Boy Advance kart racer based on the Crazy Frog animated character. Yikes!

You can get a more detailed history and look at Mario Kart XXL with R3D-Demo at Hard4Games YouTube:

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