January 29, 2023

United Airlines issues 270-jet Boeing and Airbus order

The United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 landed at San Francisco International Airport.

Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

United Airlines On Tuesday it unveiled its largest fleet: 270 short-body jetliners Boeing And Airbus Carrier lists its post-infection development.

The Navy program is critical to United’s goal of capturing more passengers, especially high – paid individuals in major coastal centers such as San Francisco and Newark. The airline said it plans to include more accommodation and seat-behind entertainment in a broader strategic plan, departing from the previous strategy.

The airline also announced it would hire 25,000 employees for new aircraft, including pilots, flight attendants and mechanics.

Boeing shares rose 0.9% in the booking trade after the announcement. United is down about 0.2%.

There are 200 Boeing Max jets in this line. 150 Max 10 models on those planes. Boeing is huge. The first Max 10 test flight was completed earlier this month. The remaining 50 Boeing aircraft are the manufacturer’s most popular model, the Max 8. The large order at the top of United’s order aircraft for Max aircraft is another vote of confidence for the aircraft manufacturer, which has struggled to step back after two with maximum failures and multiple production issues.

United 70 plans to order the Airbus 321 Neos, which adds to the order for dozens of long-distance versions of the aircraft.

About 500 short-body aircraft in this carrier are now scheduled to launch next year.

About 200 aircraft will be used to grow the aircraft’s 500 aircraft, while 300 aircraft will go to replace old jets such as its Boeing 757-200 aircraft, and it will retire, said Andrew Nocella, United’s chief business officer.

Premium travelers

Some of those aircraft will replace the old single-class regional jets. That’s part of the United drive for high-paying travelers.

United Executives said that as it flies larger mainline jets, it could add first class and economy-based seats or coach seats with more legroom. It also unveiled new interiors for aircraft featuring seat-back screens and large overhead pins.

United said it would offer larger overhead tanks on its new aircraft.

Source: United Airlines

Focusing on the more expensive seats – and the customers who pay more for them – is a shot in the arm Delta Airlines. Prior to the outbreak, Delta focused on those passengers – especially in coastal areas – adding more legroom and rumor jets between commercial centers.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals, according to researchers.

United CEO Scott Kirby told reporters that he expects business-travel demand to fully recover.

Seat-back screen back

Another change in United’s strategy is to decorate its planes with seat-back entertainment, something that United has left behind. Competition American Airlines – Kirby, the CEO of United, worked on his current career five years ago before joining the presidency – taking seat-back screens from old planes and taking on newer short-body planes without them.

Executives argued that many passengers would use their personal electronic devices instead of streaming movies.

United plans to decorate the new jetliners with seat-back screens.

Source: United Airlines

Delta and other airlines Jet Blue Airways Still offer seat-behind entertainment systems.