January 30, 2023

U.S. officials say Russia is seeking military assistance from China in the war with Ukraine

Russia has asked China for its support The war against Ukraine, According to two U.S. officials. The request includes military assistance and equipment, but it is not clear what Moscow specifically requested.

A U.S. official told CBS News on Monday that the Kremlin’s request for Beijing was primarily about financial aid, but that Russia was also investigating the drones. It seems that the Russians did not expect that they or Ukraine would deploy drones in this conflict, which is a reason why they should ask China about them, says a US official.

A senior security official said at a background conference on Monday that Ukrainians were using drones, especially TB2 drones made in Turkey, more effectively. Drones are used for reconnaissance and strikes and are particularly effective against Russian ground movements.

The official says Ukrainians still hold a significant majority of their drone cargo. The United States is in talks with allies and allies who have useful capabilities that the United States does not have to acquire more weapons for the Ukrainians.

Nearly three weeks after its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has lagged far behind the Russian leaders’ expected progress, according to security and intelligence officials. CIA Director William Burns told Congress last week that he thought Russian President Vladimir Putin would “capture Kiev within the first two days of the campaign.”

U.S. officials say between 5,000 and 9,000 people have been killed in Russia’s operations.

At this point, the Kremlin promises 100% of more than 150,000 troops It was set up around the borders of Ukraine long before the invasion of Ukraine. Despite the large numbers, in the days when troops were stationed and seated towards the targets for the Ukrainians, Russian progress in Kiev from three separate directions was slowly advancing towards the Ukrainian capital.

Slow progress may have triggered Russia’s request for China’s assistance.

Russia seeks military assistance from China


According to a recent Pentagon report Chinese military power The report covers China’s military procurement of warplanes and ground missiles from Russia, and it has participated in training exercises in Russia using Russian equipment.

China has denied Russia’s request for military assistance to the Ukraine war.

“The United States is spreading malicious information aimed at China,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a statement on Monday. “China’s position on Ukraine is stable and clear. We are playing a constructive role in promoting peace talks.”

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Pesco also denied the allegations, saying that Moscow had the capability to pursue a special military operation independently in Ukraine and had not asked China for help.

When asked by reporters whether Russia’s requesting military assistance from China was true, Peskov said, “No.” “Russia has an independent capacity to continue this process, and as we have said, it is growing according to plan, to be completed on time and in full,” he said.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan traveled to Rome on Monday for a meeting with Yang Jiechi, a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China and director of the Foreign Office. The meeting was described by the National Security Council as part of a continuing effort to maintain open relations between the two countries.

A senior executive told reporters the meeting between Sullivan and Chinese diplomats was “an intense, 7-hour session”.

No details have been released, but the official said that at this time Sullivan was direct about the deep concerns the United States has over China’s agreement with Russia and was clear about the possible consequences of certain actions.

White House spokesman Jen Psi said on Monday that measures such as providing military or other assistance to Russia could have significant consequences, as the United States would coordinate with allies and partners.

“I think what we have from the National Security Adviser at this meeting is that if they provide military or other assistance, violating sanctions or supporting the war effort, there will be significant consequences,” Psaki said.

Mary Ilyushina and Camila Schick contributed to this report.