January 29, 2023

U.S. Corona virus: Expert says young children will pay the price if enough American adults are not vaccinated against Govt-19

Dr. Peter Hodes, vaccine expert and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday that if the vaccination rate continues to lag between adults and children 12 years of age and younger, the younger population will be most affected.

“Transmission will continue to accelerate … and those who pay the price, in addition to unfamiliar adolescents, should vaccinate adults and adolescents who are dependent, to slow or stop the spread.”

In 46 states, the rates of new cases last week were at least 10% higher than the rates of new cases in the previous week, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Los Angeles County, the country’s most populous city, has seen a 500% increase in cases in the past month, according to the county’s health data.

As cases increase, only 48.1% of the population is fully vaccinated Information From the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although many may reduce the risk of low vaccination rates for children, Hodes said they are at risk for more serious complications, citing their low Govt-19 mortality rates.
In Mississippi, seven children are in intensive care with Covit-19, and two are on ventilators. State Health Officer Dr Thomas Tobs tweeted Tuesday evening.

Many more adolescents may be hospitalized, Hodes said, adding that up to 30% of affected children will develop long-distance coma.

Scientists are now aware of the neurological effects on the long-distance cochlea, Hodes added. Some studies show the effects on the brains of people infected with the virus. Found in a study in April 34% of Govit-19 survivors were diagnosed To a neurological or psychological state within six months of infection.

“What you are doing is completely condemning a whole generation of adolescents without the need for neurological trauma,” Hodges said. “It’s completely heartbreaking and it’s frustrating for vaccine scientists like me to see this happen.”

Discussion on vaccination orders

While experts have stressed the importance of vaccinating the majority of Americans against the virus, some officials are discussing making vaccination mandatory at the local level.

Some schools and employers have already implemented measures to vaccinate students and staff.

Last month, Morgan Stanley It was announced that unannounced staff, guests and customers will be barred from its New York headquarters. In April, Houston Methodist, The network of eight hospitals said all of its staff should be vaccinated. Of the 26,000 employees, 153 resigned or were fired As a result of vaccine refusal.
In the same month, The American College Health Association has released a policy statement Prescribing the Govt-19 vaccine requirements for all campus college and university students for the upcoming fall semester as permitted by state law and resources.
States with the lowest vaccination numbers had Govt-19 case rates last week, with people 3 times more likely than others to be fully vaccinated

But many states are moving to curb such needs.

CNN analysis At least seven states – Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Montana, Oklahoma and Utah – have enacted legislation this year that would prevent public schools from requiring corona virus vaccines or immunization status documents.

Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebilius told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tuesday that such a law would shock 48 million Americans under the age of 12.

Currently, vaccines are only available to 12 and older people in the United States.

“If we start lensing on children and want children to go back to school, this is what we all say is a priority, employers and schools and universities need to understand more seriously about accelerating,‘ It’s so good you don’t want to be vaccinated, but if you don’t, get vaccinated You really don’t have access to places where everyone who can’t put you can contact you, ”Cepilius said.

One thing the federal government can do to support vaccine orders is to expedite the full approval of available vaccines, he said.

“Obtaining full approval – exiting emergency utilization authorization and coming to full approval – will resolve any legal issues with private employers,” Cepilius said.

What a hike that means for the school year

Most officials and health professionals have stressed the importance of students returning to school safely in the new school year, but vaccine reluctance will affect how districts make progress.

According to data released by the CVC on Tuesday, only a quarter of Americans between the ages of 12 and 15 are fully vaccinated against Covit-19, which makes them the age group with the lowest vaccination rates.

K-12 schools in California were instructed Monday to expel students from campus for refusing to wear a mask in class, but the rules Edited a few hours later To make way for schools to implement the protocol.
This is not just about you.  Experts say getting the Covit-19 vaccine protects everyone around you

Despite initial guidance, “Schools should expel students from campuses unless they are exempt from covering faces. [California Department of Public Health] Refusing to wear the guidelines and one provided by the school, “government spokesman Gavin Newsom’s office, Alex Stake, insists its purpose is not to divert students.

“The way [the guidance] What was written did not accurately reflect the intent, so it was rewritten, “Stake told CNN, which acknowledged that the report was” prohibiting children. ” It’s important to have this right, so parents and students can expect to go to school this year. “

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city’s guidance may change as the school year approaches, but for now families should consider wearing masks at schools coming up in September.

“We continue to work with CDC, but in this case too we were very careful giving everything to the city … for now, wearing masks is the smartest thing to do in schools you know,” De Blasio said.

CNN’s Alexandra Meeks, Lauren Mascarenhas, Dietre McPhillips, Laura Lai, Cherie Mosberg and Joe Sutton contributed to the report.