January 27, 2023

Tyler Huntley is already the fourth alternate to the AFC Pro Bowl

Getty Images

Yes, Virginia. Tyler Huntley He is the fourth alternate quarterback to the AFC Pro Bowl.

PFT confirmed the accuracy of the report that the Ravens’ quarterback, Tyler Huntley, ranked seventh among all quarterbacks in the AFC, making it the fourth alternative in the list for a game that will not actually be played.

How did that happen? We have suggested that there may have been an attempt to fill the ballot box, with fans voting. A league source with knowledge of voting dynamics suggested a different theory.

The coaching staff votes collectively for three quarterbacks. Players vote individually, also for three quarterbacks. As the source explained, players who want to back their quarterback will vote for him and other obscure candidates, rather than for other viable challengers.

For example, Dolphins players who wanted to boost Toa Tagovailoa In a Pro Bowl roster, they would have voted for Huntley as one of their other quarterbacks, rather than a true competitor to Tua.

The source noted: “All it takes is a bunch of defensive players from other teams who vote for Huntley to help out their quarterback.”

Regardless, and with all due respect to Huntley, the result shows the farce of the whole process. Huntley did not play until December. He has appeared in three matches. It has nothing to do with it being the 4th or 14th alternate.

And, as explained earlier, any effort by those who pass raw information without context or scrutiny to smooth development into dropping a huge payday for Huntley is unwarranted to the point of imbecility.