January 30, 2023

Two points badly needed on domestic ice: Capitals beat Lightning 4-3

Two points badly needed on domestic ice: Capitals beat Lightning 4-3

The Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning came on Wednesday in need of a win to correct their wobbly ships. Only one team can leave with two full points.

Martin Ferrary jumped into the play to open the scoring for the evening. John Carlson slammed another house in the power play. Nikita Kucherov responded with an indisputable wrestler from the hatch. Alex Ovechkin put his boys back up twice before Nick Ball hit back to cut that in half.

John Carlson beat Andrei Vasilevsky again with his second goal of the night and fourth point. One-time Ross Colton returned to the game late in the third game.

Capitals beat Lightning 4-3!

  • Pretty even, wide open game in the first frame. Somehow five targets were probably on the lighter side. This is not the game I would choose to play against Lightning but hey, progression is progression.
  • That first goal was an example of extended caps this season. They should avoid these. Just a severe lack of effort and a bunch of guys not moving with their feet like they just fell on the ice in the middle of an NHL game for the first time in their lives.
  • Ilya Samsonov It can be hard to watch sometimes, man. Nick Paul’s goal is just the one he needs. Right after the caps, he scored two goals, so it was an extra killer. The third target loses the puck completely and is nineteen miles from the correct position it should be in. Just unfortunately typical for him this season.
  • Hats off for the second time and honestly… it was a really cool period. Which was nice to see. They had five high-risk chances in five-on-five versus Tampa zero. The defense felt incredibly energized for me in this match and the aggression paid off for over forty minutes.
  • Alex Ovechkin He scored his 773rd goal in his career, and this hit was also 1400 points of all time. his wife Nastya He was present for the first time since January after returning from Russia.
  • John Carlson With a four-point night, if the nail hadn’t been offside he would have had a hat-trick and five points. When he progresses in this way, it makes the team and especially the force play hard.
  • There is a middle ground between the NBC break board and the TNT break board. Maybe one day the network will find it but for now, we seem to be stuck with erectile dysfunction joke #459.
  • Great defensive third. Lightning had nothing.
  • shout out to Trevor van Rimsdijk For his work on the death penalty. He’s probably the most ignorant hero in this Caps team. Great hockey player.
  • Nikita Kucherov with a large initial ornament near the end there. typical for him. His team scored a goal with her, too.

The Hats will have two more days off before they meet the Penguins on Saturday for a Metro Division afternoon.

Main image submitted by Hannah Greene