January 28, 2023

TV Shows of 2023: The Most Anticipated New Series

2022 is when the flow bubble burst – sort of? Obviously, the new model of digital distribution is not working economically, but now the genie is out of the bottle. And there is no return, as Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav dreams of. Discovery, by pushing that Genie back. Cable and network TV were once highly profitable businesses that are now withered versions of their former selves, with no answer in sight to fix them. The Disruptive Business Model of Live Streaming (Pump in billions and get – at most! – $19.95 per month). Does anyone discover this? we do not know.

But looking at the schedule for upcoming shows in 2023, one thing is clear that they’ve become a game of chicken: This past February, almost nothing was dated. Netflix has played this scheduling roulette game with great success in the past. At the time of our fall TV show, Posted September 8, 2022There have been no premiere dates yet for Ryan Murphy’s “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” and “The Watcher,” nor for “Wednesday.” After just 13 days, “Dahmer” was released with little notice, and these three shows have become two of the biggest Netflix shows in its history. There’s a lesson in there, but – we’re not sure what exactly it is.

Not having premiere dates, for those of us who cover TV, actually feels…bad? Because in order to make the Emmys deadline by May 31st, there will be Fire hoses fired on viewers during March, April and May, but no one knows exactly what form this flood will take. From Netflix, we await the dates of “Beef” (starring Stephen Yeun and Ali Wong), “Florida Man” (a kettle pot starring Edgar Ramírez that sounds “Ozark”-y, and Jason Bateman is executive producer), “Queen Charlotte” (a prequel to Shonda Rhimes “Bridgerton”) and Netflix being Netflix, four billion other shows. Amazon Prime Video has yet to announce dates for the dark comedy “The Consultant” starring Christoph Waltz, “The Boys” spin-off “Gen V,” the long-running adaptation of the dystopian novel “The Power,” and the TV version of “Dead Ringers.” .

Apple TV+ hasn’t said when we’ll see Jennifer Garner’s TV comeback in the adaptation of bestselling novel “The Last Thing He Told Me,” and Hulu — a major player at the Emmys these days — hasn’t revealed when its “Faraway Downs” (Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman) and “Saint X,” a psychological drama about a missing girl.

However, there is no bigger hide-the-ball offender than Disney+. With “Ahsoka,” “Secret Invasion,” and the highly anticipated “Agatha: Coven of Chaos” (based on the main properties) all hitting the streaming service in 2023, no one knows when we can get excited.

But enough of what we don’t know! Let’s get to what we do. Here are 23 of the most anticipated new shows that will premiere in the next few months (for which there are some sort of dates available). Below are arranged chronologically by premiere date.