December 4, 2022

Trump seeks to question children in Letidia James fraud investigation

New York State Attorney General’s Office, last month As part of the civil investigation, Donald J. Chanted to Trump His business practices also seek to interrogate two children of his age as part of the investigation.

The involvement of children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump was revealed in court documents filed Monday when the Trump administration tried to prevent Attorney General Letidia James’ lawyers from prosecuting the former president and his children.

Saponas for the former president and his two children were issued on Dec. 1, according to a document. Mr. Trump’s other son, Eric Trump, was already there Inquired by Ms. James’ Office in October 2020.

The attorney general’s attempt to interview Mr Trump under the oath of office was made public last month, but it was not previously known that his office, which has been conducting a civil inquiry into the former president’s business practices for nearly three years, would also question Donald. Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

Ms James’ civil investigation focuses on whether Mr. Trump fraudulently increased the value of his assets in order to obtain bank loans, while at the same time underestimating them elsewhere in order to reduce his tax rates.

His office has submitted a number of documents as part of a review of the Trump organization’s assets, including the Seven Springs Estate in Westchester County and the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago.

If his lawyers find evidence of wrongdoing, the office can file a lawsuit. Since the trial is a civil investigation, Ms James will not be able to record criminal charges.

But Mrs. James’ office is also currently undergoing a separate criminal investigation led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brock, who took office Saturday. Former District Attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr. oversaw the investigation for more than three years. He left the post at the end of the year.

In a petition filed Monday to block the trial, attorneys for the Trump organization and family argued that Ms James was trying to mislead the Grand Jury process into swearing in Trump family members as part of a civil investigation. .

In doing so, Miss. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“He can not wear both hats and conduct civil and criminal investigations at the same time,” he said. Trump’s lawyer Ronald P. Pishetti said Ms James has politicized her role as attorney general.

Ms. James, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s Office, confirmed that she was seeking to interview three family members, and said in a statement, “We hope our questions will be answered and the truth will come out because no one is above.” The law. “

Asked about the argument in the motion, Bruce Green, who heads the Center for Legal Ethics at Fordham University, said that if Ms James’s office wins the right to question, Trump family members can claim their right to self-immolation. they.

Rather than simply saying that Ms. James is abusing the civil process to gather evidence for the criminal case, the family’s lawyers need to show that Mr. Green said.

Refusal to testify can hurt the Trump family in civil proceedings because judges and jurors are allowed to take such denials into account in civil proceedings. But in criminal cases prosecutors are prohibited from using the defendants’ silence against them.

Mr. Trump’s three eldest children – Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric – have been around for a long time Deep involvement in their father’s company, The Trump organization that each of them joined shortly after graduating from college.

Mr. When Trump became president in 2017, he changed business To Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, As well as Alan H., the company’s longtime chief financial officer. Weiselberg. Mrs. Trump Inaugurated in the West Wing.

Mr. Weiselberg and the Trump organization were indicted in July As part of a criminal investigation and Mr. Vance’s lawyers were accused of directing a tax-exempt scheme in which executives were offset by off-the-book benefits. Mr. Weisselberg’s lawyers have said he will fight the charges in court.

Last month, Trump’s lawyers accused Mr. Filed a lawsuit against Mrs. James, Seeks to suspend his civil trial and prevent his participation in the criminal investigation. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Albany. Ms James argued that Trump had violated his political rights and that his actions were “guided only by political animosity.”

“Neither Mr. Trump nor the Trump administration can dictate where they respond to their actions,” Ms James replied. His office has not yet responded to the ongoing lawsuit in court.