December 7, 2022

Trump falsely accuses Russian invasion of ‘bad election’: video

  • Former President Trump has falsely accused Russia of invading Ukraine for its “fraudulent election” defeat.
  • After he came up with his 2020 election lies, Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham cut short the interview.
  • After his defeat in November 2020, Trump broke with his once-favorite network.

Former President Donald Trump made the call to Fox News Wednesday night that he would be cut off as soon as he came up with his 2020 election lies.

Prime time commentator Laura Ingraham asked Trump about “many weaknesses in the United States” and the state of NATO. Russia launches invasion of UkraineThe news came shortly before the former president’s interview.

Trump quickly set out to reaffirm his lies about voter fraud in the 2020 election.

“I think you’re right, I think that’s what happened,” Trump said.

“He’s going to be satisfied with a peace. Now he sees the weakness and incompetence and stupidity of this administration. . “And it all happened because of a fraudulent election. It would never have happened.”

After Trump brought up his “bad election” line, Ingraham ended the interview.

“President Trump, we really have – wait a minute, I’m so sorry to interrupt you – but we’re going to the Pentagon, I hope?” Ingerham said. “Ukraine, sorry. Ukraine speaks at the UN.”

MSNBC and CNN also carried the views of Sergei Kislytskaya, Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Representatives of Fox News pointed out when asked about the network’s live coverage from Ukraine.

Fox reporters Trey Youngst and Steve Hurricane provided live footage in Ukraine, and Ingraham returned to a previously scheduled interview with newsletter writer Glenn Greenwald after returning from the United Nations site.