December 1, 2022

Trump, Biden and Obama will campaign in the midterm finale in Pennsylvania

Mr. Trump, for his part, has invested a great deal of political capital in Pennsylvania this year.

He personally pressured Dr. Oz to run for the Senate, which imploded An awkward, three-way primary. If Dr. Oz loses on Tuesday, after he loses in 2020, Mr. It will raise more questions about Trump’s ability to win the state.

The former president’s closing message this year focused on his portrayal of an America in decline, with Democrats as the main cause.

“We basically, in short, have to save our country,” Mr. Trump said Wednesday in Iowa.

In Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump’s super PAC, MAGA Inc., targeted voters in the final days of the race with short digital ads, text and web-embedded digital ads that featured Dr. Oz and Mr. Clips of Trump are featured. At rallies in the state, according to videos reviewed by The New York Times.

The super PAC has sent videos of Trump-endorsed candidates to voters in Arizona, Ohio, Michigan and Nevada.

Mr. Trump and Mr. For Biden, the stakes may extend beyond this year’s fight for control of Congress.

Already, the two have taken initial steps to announce another run for the presidency in 2024.

Mr. Trump has relentlessly teased supporters about a third White House campaign Another bid is expected to be formally announced After the midterms.

Mr. If Trump enters the race, Mr. Trump is more likely to run. Biden has suggested that those close to the president say they believe he is the Democrat best positioned to defeat his former opponent. Still, Mr. who turns 80 this month. Biden has shown signs of political weakness, Even on his basis.