December 6, 2022

Tropical storm Henry disrupts electricity and receives record rainfall to the Northeast

Montag, on the eastern edge of Long Island, closed most of New York City, with a pancake house and a 7-Eleven stored in its windows and “open” spray-neon orange.

In the west, at Long Beach, a few bold or goofy surfers The high waves rode. At nearby Jones Beach, Andy Lawrence, 76, and his 8-year-old granddaughter, Harper, were at some human point in the landscape. “We are the family of those who chase the storm,” Mr Lawrence said.

Harper added, “I like how strong the wind is – it’s different in my rain jacket.”

The storm is the outgoing governor of New York, Andrew M. For Cuomo, it provided the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate his emergency management ability.

Mr Cuomo received national attention for his leadership during the Corona virus epidemics, A state of emergency has been declared New York could therefore use federal funds to prepare for other possible consequences of the floods and storms – although officials acknowledged that they did not expect “significant significant damage” after the event. Mr. Cuomo has announced He will resign Monday night in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal. A state of emergency has been declared in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Due to the rain, the Metro-North Railroad and the Long Island Railroad canceled most services in New York and Connecticut, hundreds of flights were canceled at airports in the New York metropolitan area, and New York City subway areas were temporarily halted. Service

Authorities in Connecticut have issued evacuation orders in the coastal areas of several cities, including East Haven, Madison, Croton and Branford. Approximately 250 residents in four nursing homes in Old Saibrook, Mystic, Guilford and West Haven – Were expelled, State officials said.

Rhode Island authorities closed three bridges due to high winds, and the government banned motorcycles and tractor-trailers.