January 30, 2023

Trevor Storey 'relaxed' with move to 2B, praises Boston Red Sox teammate Xander Bogarts

Trevor Storey ‘relaxed’ with move to 2B, praises Boston Red Sox teammate Xander Bogarts

FORT MYERS, FL – A group of Red Sox players have reached out to recruit for the Colorado Rockies short-spectrum Trevor’s story When he was thinking of signing with Boston.

even in Xander Bogartsthe man who might soon replace him.

“Boogie has been amazing the whole process of coming here,” Storey said Wednesday after the Red Sox officially announced he would be joining the team to play second base – for now.

“He called me,” said Storey. “We talked on the phone a little bit. He didn’t have to.” “I think it’s just kind of showing his personality and talking to the kind of guy he is. He wants to win. He wanted me to come in here, and that made me feel better about jumping in.”

Boston had its biggest hit of the holiday season this week when it agreed to Storey’s terms in a six-year deal for $140 million. The Red Sox were an unexpected two-time All-Star enthusiast, considering they already had four All-Stars in a short time.

But Storey agreed to move to second base, providing stability in a position Boston have lacked since injury Dustin Pedroia in 2017. And if Bogarts chooses to withdraw from his contract at the end of the season, the story gives the Red Sox a chance. A long-term solution in shortstop.

“Everyone here already knows how much Xander Bogarts cares about winning, and he cares about this organization. And he’s shown it again in terms of the process,” Haim Blum, chief baseball officer for the Red Sox, said at a press conference at the team’s spring training facility. . “You can feel it. He’s getting to know the talent. You can feel how much he’d like to add him to this group and how much he’d like in another episode.”

The story was a .251 hitter with 24 homers and 75 RBIs for last season and is a lifelong .272 hitter with 158 homers and 450 RBIs. In five major league seasons, he has never played a defensive position other than a short sprint.

But Storey, 29, said he’s played a lot from second base in the minor leagues and had some experience in that side of the court while playing. Because of his abbreviated spring drills, he’ll have limited time to work on.

“Playing second is something I feel comfortable with,” he said.

Another edit: Moving from thin air in Denver to Fenway Park. I battled the .303 Story with 95 homers and 279 RBIs at Coors Field and .241 with 63 homers and 171 RBI on the road.

“There’s kind of that stigma around Coors, that the ball is flying, which it definitely does,” Storey said. “I think baseball is baseball and it’s played the same way in every park.”

Bloom said the team is filling in analyzes of the Kors field impact and is convinced that Story production will come with it to Boston.

“It’s always a hot topic any time a really good Rockies player changes teams,” Bloom said. “There are a lot of good examples from guys who have left Corus and are doing very well.”

Although Story has played four games at Fenway Park, hitting 0.22 with one Homer and four RBIs, he was keen on batting practice at the team’s spring training grounds and his replica of Fenway’s Green Monster.

His bottom line: “Usually when I hit the ball off the wall, I’ll sort it out no matter what. From what I hear, I might need to step back a bit.”