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Graeme Shepherd, better known as Grum is a Scottish artist who has been working on his craft as a DJ and producer. Since his debut in 2010 with his album, titled Heartbeats he has managed to create waves in the industry and garner a massive following and appreciation from some of the most well established artists aroundSince then, we’ve seen his music evolve, his passion coming through with each new release he puts forth.

Over the past few years he has managed to team up with one of he most sought after labels in the industry, the Above & Beyond-fronted Anjunabeats. Ever since opening for them at the famed group therapy shows, he’s captured more and more fans hearts and fandom.

Just before he takes down the crowd in Mumbai, we managed to catch up with him ahead of his show. Here is Grum for you!


Hi! It’s an absolute pleasure meeting you! How does it feel like to be back in India with your own multi city tour?

Well, it’s surprising to be honest. I never imagined that I would tour India by myself. Like as a kid, I could never imagine myself doing that, so it’s very exciting. I am looking forward to playing for the people here, because last time when I came in with Above and Beyond, it was a lot of fun and people really get the music here. I am looking forward to the first show!

How has the current year treated you? Any special moments or highlights on the musical front you would particularly like to mention?

Well, I just finished this tour with Seven Lions in the United States. We spent two months on a tour bus and travelled around. I just got back yesterday and I came here. So, that has been the longest tour I have ever done and it’s definitely been the highlight. We went from the biggest places in the US to the smallest places you possibly never heard of. So, that was really fun.



How do you manage to find the time to work in the studio and come out with new tracks despite the erratic touring schedules? How do you form that balance?

Actually, it has been really difficult this year because I do everything myself. I don’t really get someone else to do my music like some people do (laughs). So, I do it all by myself and whatever really I can. I haven’t had a lot of time this year to work on new music but I hoping to get a lot of time over the holiday period this year. So we should come back with a lot of music next year.

How did the connection with Anjunabeats begin? You have been making music for quite some time, but the contact with Anjuna came in by around 2010. How did it happen? 

Well, as you say, I have been playing for quite some time and I kind of wanted to change the music I was making. I used to really like trance basically, but I wanted to move into making more of club music and I did that and got inspired by some progressive stuff. Above and Beyond had started to play some on their radio show. They kind of went from there and played a bunch of my remixes. It started as something really good from there.

How has the experience been, working with Anjunabeats? 

I think officially it has only been two or three years with them. But yes, it has been great! I have played a lot of really good shows with Above and Beyond. Anjunabeats did a lot of festival shows as well, we did some brilliant shows with them. It has been great meeting the guys like Ilan and Andrew and Jason. So, yes! It has been awesome! And their fans are great! They have really taken me into their heart (smiles)


Anjunabeats has always had a spotless reputation of releasing the best music. Does it sometimes put an added pressure on you?

To be honest, I kind of put that pressure on myself as well. Often, I don’t want to release any music just like that. I think about DJ’s who feel like they have to put out music to keep the name around. I just want to give out the best stuff. So I think it’s quite a good match that we both think the same.

When did you start producing your own music?

I think it started when I was sixteen. Messing around with fruity loops, trying to understand what to do. So it’s been a long time, like, fourteen years (laughs).


Can possible expect something new in today’s set?

I am not sure about what I am going to play yet. There may be a couple of things maybe, we’ll see. We’ll see how people take it!

Anything we look forward to from you in the new year? Probably a new tour concept or a show? 

I want to say I’m working on a live show. But I say that like every year and never do it. I think there will be a lot of new music coming in. It’s probably evolved a little bit from what it was before. It’s probably going to get a lot more deeper actually. So, yeah! I don’t want to say I am moving in any direction but the music is just getting better. That is something I have been working on. So next year, it’s going to be a lot of new music coming from me, hopefully.

Since you are here in India, is there anything you have been really looking forward to do or a place you would like to visit here maybe?

Honestly, I don’t think I have much time to do anything. I am touring four cities in four days and so I am really tired so I am just sleeping and flying and eating, DJ’ing. That’s all (laughs).

Who is the one artist who really inspires you and your style of working?

I would say, Eric Prydz. Really big fan of his. I like the way that he has kept his sounds from before the EDM thing happened, the way he produces. So definitely Eric Prydz!

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