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Asteroid, we have so much to say about this super talented trance producer and DJ! Hailing from the UK, this man has seen a meteoric growth over the past year. From belting out release after release and seeing them all get charted and played by artists all around the globe, we know he is here to impress! Handling the A&R for Trancegression Recordings alongside Darren Porter to having multiple collaborations up for release and most recently going to play at UnKonscious and Luminosity, we sit down with the man to get an insight of all that he has in store for the year. Read on!




 Hi Matt! It’s great to be speaking with you! 2018 was wonderful for you! What are you expecting 2019 to be like for you as an artist?


It’s my pleasure, thanks for taking the time to prepare these awesome questions. 2018 was, pretty much, the best year I’ve ever had both professionally and personally.


This year, I want to focus more on solo productions and practice as much as possible. I would like to continue to grow so I can become the best producer that I can be.


For me, setting expectations is a bit of a funny thing, because it can leave us open to disappointments. I prefer to set intentions, work as hard as possible and have a little bit of trust in the process.


Speaking of how great 2018 was for you, your track “Saigon” with Nikolauss made it to the Beatport trance top 10. Congratulations! What was the inspiration behind the track and how was it to work with Nikolauss?


Andrei (Nikolauss) is one of the most hardworking and talented guys I know in the industry, and working with him on Saigon was a real pleasure. We worked together on the original melody idea in the run up to my gig at Aura in Saigon, in Vietnam, and that’s where the inspiration behind the track comes from. We are both extremely happy and proud that it made it to No.7 in the end. Such an amazing feeling!



We also see you working very closely with Darren Porter. How did that association begin?


Communication first started with Darren when I enquired with him about some music production tutorials. We developed a good rapport and became friends shortly after and I’ve been very fortunate to work with him since. I respect him as a person immensely because he has done a lot for me, and musically, he’s one of the best producers in the trance industry.


You have also taken over as A&R for “Trancegression Recordings”. How has that been working for you? And what do you look for in a track before it is signed to “Trancegression”?


It’s been a really interesting process so far. We have been inundated with some really great quality demos and have a release schedule finalized until June, with a release coming every 2 weeks. The main thing we’re concentrating on is energy flow. Despite the bpm range, as long as the tracks are energetic, powerful and have good melodic content, we’re happy.



You also will be playing at UnKonscious music festival in Phuket very soon! What is your expectation from the festival and what will your set be like?


It’s literally just 2 weeks until the festival and sleeping at night is becoming increasingly difficult due to the excitement haha. I think they have all their bases covered with a Black Hole Recordings and Open Up stage over 2 days, not to mention the venue location being in literal paradise. The line up is insane and I keep pinching myself every time I see my name there. I feel incredibly fortunate and honoured to be a part of it.


My set will be something very different to my usual. I’m playing the 2nd warm up set on the Friday night. A nice balance of groovy and energetic progressive vibes for the whole hour, with some big vocals thrown in for good measure.



If you had one free day to yourself in Phuket, apart from attending the festival, what would you do?

I have friends flying in from all over the world to support me and we’ve planned to hire some bikes and take a ride along the coast to some of the beaches and catch the sunset from the top of a hill in Karon, after some meditation with Big Buddha. My idea of perfection. I can’t wait!


Apart from your set, which other artists set at Unkonscious would you really like to catch and why?


Ahhh this is a real tough question. Cold Blue is one of the only one I haven’t seen yet, but, I’m also a big fan of Psy and I’m hoping that Simon Patterson will provide in that department. With all of this in mind, I’m just really excited to see everyone’s sets and spend special moments with great people in such an amazing setting.


Speaking of festivals, you have also been confirmed to play at Luminosity beach festival! How does that feel like?


I think it’s every trance artist’s dream to play at Luminosity. It truly is such a special event and I still can’t believe I’m only 5 months away from standing behind the decks there myself, playing my own music. That still sounds crazy to me! To give you an idea of how it felt when I found out, my manager called me at around 9:30am in the morning with the news, when I hung up the phone, I didn’t stop shaking until around 11am. Absolutely unreal feeling!!



If you had the chance to curate your own signature event and curate a lineup, which 5 artists will you pick, and which venue will you host this event at?


Another really tough one. Venue would be Zandvoort where they hold Luminosity, particularly the main stage there. Anyone’s who has been will know what I’m talking about. I think I would love to have a 5hr set of all 5 DJ’s playing back to back, mixing 2 tracks each before swapping. In no particular order, I think I would have to pick – Darren Porter, Cold Blue, Sean Tyas, Alex Di Stefano & Will Rees.


What do you think 2019 hold for trance on the whole? What trends will you see grow in 2019 for the genre?


That’s a great question, I don’t really like trends as such, not when it comes to music. Whether you’re into tech trance, uplifting trance, psy trance, progressive trance etc, it’s all trance music. I think people have become too caught up in the sub genre debate. So for me personally, I would love nothing more, than for all trance music to continue to grow.


I am extremely excited with all the new production talent around and I think that, just like it always has been, trance music is in very safe hands.


Do you have any message for your fans out there?


I don’t really like the term fans. I prefer to use the term friends. We all love this music passionately and if you take the time to search for any of my music online, listen to it, share it with friends and enjoy it. Then you are my friends too. After all, it’s all intended to enjoy together, as one.


Thank you to each and every single friend for any form of support on my music. You are my constant motivation and inspiration. Let’s continue to share these moments together.


Matt <3





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