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As they say, old is gold. The same goes with trance! We here at Trancehub, have an absolute  towards classics. There is something absolutely magical about them. It literally transports you back in time! So, for all the lovers of classic trance out there, we today celebrate a few of these beautiful tracks that have completed fifteen years since their year of release. All these tracks were released in 2002. Our beautiful genre has stood the test of time. Lets go back and hear these epic trance classics.

Kai Tracid – 4 Just 1 Day 

We love those haunting lyrics don’t we? Those piano sounds just take us back in time bring those beautiful memories back. 4 Just 1 day was release back in 2002 and was perhaps Kai Tracid’s 2nd biggest hit. It was 12th on Germany’s Media control charts and 33rd on Austrian charts. Just close your eyes and feel this track.

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Tiësto featuring Nicola Hitchcock – In My Memory 

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It was released in April 2002 as a single from his debut album, In My Memory. The song includes vocals by Nicola Hitchcock of the band Mandalay. The song did not chart in Europe, but being the title track for the album it gained great success in North America.

Was it just me or loved it when I heard em on earphones – begins with a left ear pan to right ear pan, perfect to test new headphones!

Armin van Buuren Featuring Ray Wilson ‎– Yet Another Day

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‘Yet Another Day’ is Armin van Buuren’s team up with Genesis & Stiltskin singer Ray Wilson. A mix between trance and rock which saw its release in 2002 and rocked the global charts. It hit #34 on Dutch charts and 14 on Belgium Charts. Such a fantastic track from start to finish.

GTR – Mistral 

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Gareth Emery’s first ‘big’ record. It was created entirely on a computer over the course of a two-week holiday. Paul van Dyk debuted the track live on the radio during the Nature One Festival in 2002 and it subsequently received support from some of the world’s leading DJs, including Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten, and received highly positive reviews in Mixmag, Muzik, and DJ Magazine.

Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun 

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This track was released in May 20, 2002. It also appeared on Oakenfold’s album Bunkka, which was released the following month. Southern Sun features vocals by Carla Werner. The song “Southern Sun” was promoted with a video that tells the story of a fashion model. The model faints during an outdoor photo session, then walks away from the session into a forest. There she recovers her lost youth and then travels into outer space in a scene reminiscent of the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Tiesto’s legendary remix was released in the same year.

Airwave vs Rising Star – Sunspot

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Talk about 8 minutes of absolute bliss. Released on Bonzai recordings, we see the alias of Armin Van Buuren ,Rising Star and Airwave churn out this wonderful tune from their studios. A few years back, this classic got a twist from Sneijder and received a lot of support from the originals legendary creators itself. This track is definitely one which stays in the book of classics that should never be missed

Oceanlab – Sky Falls Down 

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The second single by the best collaboration in trance music – Oceanlab “Sky Falls Down” was released in 2002 and later remixed by Armin van Buuren. Easily one of the most beautiful songs ever written in the trance music history. Justine Suissa’s voice makes it a masterpiece.

The Thrillseekers ft Alexis Strum – Dreaming of You 

After delivering a career defining “Synaesthesia (Fly Away)” peaked at #28 in the UK Singles Chart and was featured in the 2001 film The 51st State.[5] The follow-up single was “Dreaming of You”, which was released on Data Records in July 2002. This track was on the UK Singles chart at #42

Plastic Boy – Silver Bath

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To be honest this tune will never get old! Released again on Bonzai recordings, this is  definitely one of the greatest trance anthems in the history of trance As many other releases from Mike, Silver Bath has an unique and very energetic vibe. The synths are simply unbelievable!

Cosmic Gate – The Wave

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Released on Capitol recordings on the 18th of November 2002, this track was released as a part of their second studio album, No More Sleep. Those haunting vocals with the easily identifiable classic Cosmic Gate sound, this track can still get a dance floor full of people raging.

Way Out West – Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden mix)

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Released on Songbird recordings, this track by the legendary duo Way Out West, consisting of  Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren features the wonderful vocals of Tricia Lee Kelshall. Getting the absolute trance twist from the American duo, Gabriel and Dresden, this track enchants you and gets you grooving. It stays true to it’s name! It definitely is a riot of joy for your ears and mind, a circus of it’s kind!

Andain – Summer Calling

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This is the track that gave the world the gem named Andain. Released on the 15th of June on Blackhole recordings, this track marks the debut of Andain in the trance scene. The dark and catchy beat and the hauntingly mesmerising vocals of Mavie Marcos makes us realise why the track had everyone, including Tiesto, fall in love with it!

Cosmic Gate – Back to Earth

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“Back To Earth” is another stunner from the great back catalogue of Cosmic Gate classics that feature on their forthcoming album. From the very first day after its release, every top DJ picked it up and hammered it for weeks on end. It must be the sheer energy that makes the track, ’cause both Jochen Miller and Arty delivered two incredibly driving versions that turn “Back To Earth” into killer state of the art floor fillers.

ATB – You’re Not Alone

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Released on the 15th of April as a part of ATB’s album, Dedicated, on Kontor Recordings, this song features the vocals of Roberta Carter Harrison. Originally written by Tim Kellet, this track was covered by many artists. The most notable one was definitely the one by ATB which took the dance music scene by storm. This track was also used as a part of quite a few sitcoms!


Blank & Jones – Watching The Waves

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This track was released on the recording label Gang Go Music on the 8th of July. This is notably and easily one of the best productions from Blank and Jones and has some crazy breakdowns! One can literally picture the crowds literally losing their heads when this track is being played. An absolute banger of a track!

These are a few tracks we like to reminisce about. Any track we possibly missed out? Give us a shout in the comments below!

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  • MaulikMaulik

    Author Reply

    Great list. Bit melancholic but that’s one sub genre too appreciated.

  • Nostalgia peaking. Most of these songs still bring on goose pimples while listening to it.

  • TimTim

    Author Reply

    Great to actually see a list of tracks that venture away from the usual classics mentioned in posts like this …

  • Deep ShahDeep Shah

    Author Reply

    sweet lord ! thanks for posting this. Good work man !:D

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