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Scientists at Altravita IVF clinic in Moscow played A State of Trance by Armin van Buuren on a loop for 24 hours a day next to 758 eggs in a petri dish.

Another 758 eggs were left in silence. By the end of the experiment, the number of viable embryos in the techno room had increased by more than a fifth.While the other eggs also grew, they were far less likely to develop to a stage where they could be implanted for a successful pregnancy.

Experts have hailed the findings, first reported by The Times, as groundbreaking.

Dagan Wells, a University of Oxford professor who has studied human embryos for more than 20 years, said it is likely the music – known for its repetitive beats – helps to replicate the naturally dynamic environment an egg would naturally develop in.’It’s something about the beats that makes it a bit more like the natural environment,’ Wells told Daily Mail Online.

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‘Usually, embryos are in a dynamic environment with sounds and the mother’s organs and fluid moving. ‘That means when the embryos secrete harmful chemicals, this environment helps to move them away, rather than leaving them sitting there. ‘In an artificial environment, these chemicals have nowhere to go. ‘But these findings show beats could help to keep things moving.’

The study, presented at the Fertility 2017 conference in Edinburgh earlier this month, is only the second study to explore music and embryo growth.So far, the theories have yet to be applied in a practical setting. But Wells insists it is far more than a fun musical experiment.

‘It’s a fun piece of research but it seems to be telling us something really useful about how embryos grow,’ he told Daily Mail Online.  ‘In the last 30 years, the way we grow embryos has changed quite a lot – we’ve got very good at keeping them at the right temperature, and getting the right chemicals.’But nothing has really addressed the natural environment in which embryos normally grow.’

Source: DailyMail

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