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Indonesian trance producer, Louis Tan, better known as LTN, is one of the star producers of Silk Music. After getting into production, LTN has found himself at the forefront of the global revolution of dance music. He has now entered into the industry as an artist that is receiving acclaim from artists all over the globe. Known for his progressive and mellow styles which have people glued to the dance floor and also for his breathtakingly beautiful album “People I’ll never forget”, we sit down with this super talented producer to know more about what the future holds for him along with looking back at where he drew his inspiration from and whom he would love to play a B2B set with amongst a lot more! Read on!



Hi Louis, it’s wonderful to have this opportunity to speak with you. 2018 has already kick started pretty well for you with the release of your remix of Rams “Guiding Star”. How did the idea come about and why did you pick this track?

It’s been a great start for me and to be honest I didn’t pick the track, RAM did it for me as he told me that my progressive side can make a good vibes with the vocal. And I always do my best to give the best result when a well-known artist asked me to do a remix, and I am glad RAM loved it and decide to release it as a single.

What got you into trance music? How did it all begin for you?

I’ve been listening to dance music for a long time. The name Trance came up when I started listening to DJ Tiesto during that time. I really love his compilation “In Search of Sunrise”. That’s when everything started, then follow with Above and Beyond present Oceanlab album which is a superb album at that moment. That’s what got me into Trance Music.


You are being touted as one of the stars of Armada Music’s famed sub-label – Statement! How did the association with statement begin? And how has your experience been working with the label?

I really loved Statement! Label. The sound is quite different and very unique in my opinion. It’s all started when Ruben de Ronde [Statement! Boss] always supporting my track on his radio show. That’s when I started sending demos to him, he loved it and started to sign a couple of my tracks. It’s a great experience and I am very thankful for the support.



What would be your favorite trance album of all time and why?

There are so many great albums. If I have to choose my favorite one, it has to be Above and Beyond Present Oceanlab – Siren of the Sea. Great vibes, great music, love the unique Justine Suissa voice. It’s not just an album for me, it’s like a journey for me when listening to the album and everything just spot on.


If you had the opportunity to play a B2B set with any artist, who would you pick and why?

This is also a hard question to answer as they are so many great artists out there I love to do b2b. But I would pick either Andy Moor or Alexander Popov. We have a very similar style, I think the flow would be great.



You have two other monikers namely “White Ghost” and “Blue Ghost”. How did they come about? And how would you differentiate the sounds of “White Ghost”, “Blue Ghost” and “LTN”?

I produced so many styles, when I used LTN only, people are quite confused which direction of music I want to focus on. Even though nowadays so many big artists moving to a new direction of music but as their name is big already so people doesn’t really care about it I guess. My sound Blue Ghost is moving into more club style progressive stuffs, on the other hand White Ghost is more into big room kind of style. As LTN is about melodic progressive, emotional and ear friendly style. Also my Sunrise Remix is getting a really good response, I used the same sound over and over again for my Sunrise remix, so it’s more like my trademark remix to combine between deep progressive house with some trance elements.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Some of my biggest influences are Above and Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten.

How do you normally gain inspiration before you start working on a track or an album?

I gain my inspiration by listening to many of my favorite’s album or tracks. I can spend hours listen to similar tracks that I like, that’s where I can get an idea for the sounds and the arrangement.  


What does 2018 hold in store for you?

There are so many great singles and remixes along the line. A solo album is on the way too. Really working hard to deliver a good music for you all. Stay tuned.



Any message to our readers and your fans out there?

Thank you so much for the continuous support. Everything won’t be happen without you guys. I know I can’t please anyone with my music but I always do my best to deliver a great tunes. Looking forward seeing you guys in my next gigs :D.

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