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Prior to his upcoming release, We had the opportunity to speak with Vandit superstar James Cottle!

Having released numerous records on Vandit and having collaborated with the legend – Paul van Dyk. We just couldn’t wait to know what 2018 holds for us.


First off, congratulations for the massive releases last year especially for the ‘From Then On’ track ‘Vortex’ with Paul van Dyk… What’s the next big thing?

 Thanks so much! It was a pleasure to be part of Paul van Dyk’s “From Then On”! Music wise, I am going to be releasing 4/5 new singles in 2018 as well as some remixes. Really excited for my fans to hear these projects. My latest track ‘Forever Young’ is out on 4th May via Vandit Records.

Tell us your story, how did you get into the genre?

I first started listening to Trance music when ATB – Till I Come was released in 1998/99, it’s one of the biggest dance records of all time, this sparked my interest, which slowly grew over time, first being a big fan of Tiesto and then of course Paul van Dyk.

 What is your day job like?

In my day job I work in Payroll & Human Resources in Local Government here in the United Kingdom. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in HR Management & Development, I decided to attend University to obtain this qualification so I would have something to fall back on, if my music career didn’t work out. So far it is going great.

Name that one Trance classic you’d kill to remix? 

I could only chose one it would be Paul van Dyk – Buenaventura, it’s an amazing record, melodic, unique & tropical…PERFECT!

What would you prefer – DJing or Producing ? What is more satisfying as an artist?

It’s very hard to decide, it’s great to go out there and play on of your own tunes which are a result of hard work in the studio.

 You’re a resident at the legendary club – Goodgreef, What’s the next big stage?

I will be making my return to Goodgreef in the second half of this year. I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with Goodgreef since 2011. I am looking forward to continuing this relationship and seeing what the future holds.

 What would you do on a snowy Sunday afternoon?

Snowy Sunday afternoon, only one thing for it, make music until about 8pm then order a takeaway (Indian or Italian), relax and watch a movie.

 How many demos did you send out before actually getting signed? Any tips for aspiring producers?

I only sent one demo to VANDIT before getting my first track signed, however I finished 3 before this but I know they weren’t strong enough for the label so I never sent them. Once I knew I had something that I felt was good enough, I sent it over. Tips wise, I think it is a great idea to study the music that is released on the record label of your choice and see if your sound would fit, rather than sending your tracks to a label without researching what style they actually release.

 You’ve never been to our part of the world, what do we have to do to get you play in India?

That’s correct I haven’t. You would need to contact your local promoter/event organiser and request for them to book me to perform in your country. I would love to make my Indian debut soon, so let’s keep in touch and work together to make this happen. You can contact Karen Laidlaw ([email protected]) my agent for booking enquiries.

 Message for your fans

Thank you so much for the continuous support, I really appreciate it! Lots of new music on the way.

‘Forever Young’ releases May 4th on Vandit Records.

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