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We had the opportunity to sit down with the one and only Daniel Wanrooy to speak about his album, FIFA and a lot more things.


Hi Daniel, It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to speak with you! How was 2018 been treating you till date?

Hi guys, thanks so much for having me. 2018 started great for me. I celebrated the new year in Florida, I have had great gigs in Holland, Finland and Spain after. I have had a release on High Contrast “Revolt & Highway 1”, that got heavily supported on ASOT and GDJB for example. Now my new release “Summertime” is just out on the New York based label Dancepush. More coming up soon!

We recently saw you release your album “One” under your “BORDERLESS” alias. How did the idea for the album come about? Also, the name “Borderless” itself speaks volumes. What was the concept behind choosing the name for your alias?

Yes, in December I released my BORDERLESS album on Armada. As I spend most of my time in the studio, I also make other music than I release under my “Daniel Wanrooy” alias. I love a lot of styles, and I also like to make a lot of different styles. I keeps me sharp and I keep on learning new things. I sent a few songs over to the A&R of Armada and they loved it right away. They asked me if I was interested in doing an album with these kind of styles, no borders, just good music. That’s where the BORDERLESS idea started.

We see you drifting towards a more progressive sound these days. How did that shift take place? What do you love most about the sounds of that spectrum?

I have always been on the progressive side I think. I like my to do my tracks the most around 126-132bpm. Around that bpm you can make the really nice proggy drives in a track. Uplifting sounds a bit too much the same to me. It’s nice, but nothing can beat the classics I think.

What would be your favorite album of all time and why?

Ohhhh, difficult question! Mix compilation I would say In Search Of Sunrise 4. I am still proud I have 2 of my tracks on that as well. But the whole CD, wow. I can’t tell you how much I listened to that CD. It still doesn’t get old.

Since you have been in the industry for so long and have been so closely associated with trance, what is the one thing you like the most about the trance community on the whole and one thing that you dislike?

They are very very loyal! The most loyal community of all I think. They will travel far to come over and see you on a gig, that’s awesome. The thing I dislike is that they will kill you once you leave the genre haha. No, but seriously, I can understand Tiësto left trance. He was on the top already for years, there was nothing more to challenge him as an artist. I think it’s normal to always keep evolving yourself. He wanted to go bigger, and I can’t blame him. Of course I do regret it, cause he was amazing in trance, but I will never blame him.

We heard that you will be releasing tracks on BlackHole recordings and FSOE very soon. Could you reveal something about them?

Yes, I also signed new work to Armada and High Contrast too. It will be a great year. I will have my debut on FSOE (Parallels), their progressive label. Otherwise I would have been lying in my former answers 🙂 The first will be released end of May I think, I will get the release date next week. I signed 2 tracks with them, one of them is a vocal track with an awesome female singer from Italy. The one on Black Hole will be my next release, that will come the 6th of April… it’s a banger!


What is a day in the life of Daniel Wanrooy like when you are not touring or in the studio?

I try to get up around 8:30. I check my messages and emails. If the weather is nice I might go for a run or a walk. I live very close to a national park here in Holland, so there is a lot of nature around. My days are actually full of music. Studio is the normal place to be for me. It’s in my house, so I can go there whenever I like. Even if I have time off I like to be there hahaha, so that’s where you can probably find me anyway. Maybe I would go for a nice sushi lunch as a break. At night to gym and after a gamenight with the boys maybe?

We heard that you enjoy playing on the playstation! What is your favourite game to play! Any suggestions for the fans out there?

Haha yes! Love it. I hardly play alone. So we mostly play offline with friends at my place. Of course Fifa! We do tournaments and all, so much fun. I now play Wildlands with a friend as well. A really cool shooter, sort of GTA’ish. Looks amazing as well. Oh, I also bought a SNES mini lately, so we can play the good old coop games again.

What does 2018 have in store for you in terms of gigs? Any places you are really looking forward to play?

Unfortunately no India yet. I have 7 gigs planned this year for Holland, which is nice! For the rest I have Finland, Norway, Greece, Cyprus, Ibiza and some more confirmed. So the spring and summer are getting pretty full already. Hopefully I will get an Asian tour with that as well.

Do you have any message you would like to give your fans who will be reading this soon?

I just want to thank them all a lot for their continuous support! I will keep trying to do my best. Hope to see you all soon at one of my gigs.
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