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We have spoken about artists who have switched their genres, the current artists and their styles, the up and coming artists and even the scope of possible collaborations. But what about the artists, the ones who were once legends, but are now barely in the scene? Today, we look back at such artists as we reminisce about their past masterpieces. Also, if they happen to read this piece, this is their comeback call! We truly miss your presence



Luminary is the name of a trance project. As the word Luminary itself means a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere, they definitely proved to be a true manifestation of it. In 2002, the British producer Laurence Rapaccioli and the American singer Ashley Tom berlin began their collaboration. Laurence Rapaccioli was already producing under the Psydoneum Arksun. However, the project Luminary was founded by them only one year later. In 2005 they released on the Label Lost Language their first track titled My World . This track was supported by Tiësto and was a part of his compilation In search of sunrise 4. Their next three singles were successful and were well known and received support from Armin van Buuren too. However, on 17 October 2007, the DJ team announced its dissolution



PPK was a Russian trance duo that was based primarily in Rostov-on-Don. The group consisted of Sergei Pimenov and Alexander Polyakov. PPK is acronym of the founding members initials. K was for short time member Dj Kordj. PPK became known internationally due to their single “ResuRection”, which was available to download for free. A few million people downloaded it and such a wave of popularity brought to signing a contract with Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label. It was used to celebrate the New Year 2003 in Warsaw, Poland. This song was the first from a Russian act or USSR act to ever enter the UK Singles Chart. The song reached number 3 in the UK and Sergei Pimenov, Alexander Polyakov and band’s manager Yury Marychev were awarded with Silver Disc award certificated by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and indicated sales of over 200,000 copies in the UK alone. However, the group broke up in 2011 after rejoining for a small concert tour in Russia in 2010.

Art of Trance


Simon Paul Berry, known by his alias Art of Trance, is a trance music artist from England. Berry is also known as Poltergeist or Vicious Circles, and has been a member of the trance groups Clanger, Conscious and Union Jack. In addition to his work as an artist, Berry was the co-founder and head of Platipus Records. He cites Depeche Mode, Vangelis, Tomita, Orbital, 808 State, Jean Michel Jarre, Walter Wendy Carlos, Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Jeff Mills as his musical influences. Art of Trance is well known for the usage of samples of natural sounds. The last release by Simon was “Humans” in 2014.


Kai Tracid


Kai Tracid is a trance DJ and producer. The name Tracid originates from the combination of the two music genres trance and acid. In 2009 he stopped making music and co-founded a yoga centre.In Germany he became famous with his first single, “Your Own Reality”. In 1998 he gained world-wide fame with Liquid Skies. In November 2001 he got his first Top-10 hit in the German single charts. Since 2000 he releases his records under his own record company Tracid Traxxx.  He still plays gigs around Europe, his last track was with York in 2014.

Robert Miles


Roberto Concina, commonly known by his stage name Robert Miles, is a Swiss record producer, DJ, composer and musician. Known for using his classic soft synthesizers and producing some of the most dreamy tracks, he has churned out timeless classics which will always remain in the heads of any avid trance fan. If we could only give anything to get some of those classic tunes back!

Darren Tate


Darren Tate is an English record producer and club DJ. Tate has worked with several international artists and song writers. He has also worked in the areas of television, film and musical theatre. He produced music under several pseudonyms. But he doesn’t seen to be very active in the scene these days.

Andy Blueman


They called him the master of uplifting trance. Andrej Komatovic, widely known as Andy Blueman is a Slovenian Trance producer. Eleven of his tracks were voted amongst the greatest 1000 tracks in the history of trance music out of over 10,000 nominees in the first-ever (2010) Trance Top 1000 poll organized by Armada Music, even though he had only ever worked on 13 trance songs released by the time of the competition. We still see him delivering a few tracks, but we would love to see a lot more from him!

Vincent De Moor


Vincent De Moor is a Dutch trance artist. He is most notable for his work with Ferry Corsten under the working title “Veracocha” and for his 2001 single “Fly Away”. He is known to be a very private person and has not done a single interview till date! He claims to have left the left the dance music scene, but enjoys the fact that people still listen to his music.

Nalin & Kane


Nalin & Kane are a German production and remixing team, comprising Andry Nalin and Harry Kane. Their international breakthrough came with the Ibiza anthem, “Beachball”, in late 1997. The duo began working together in 1993 as Nalin Inc. and released their first 12-inch single, “Planet Orange”, in 1994. They began their own label, Superfly Records in 1995, releasing the singles “The K-People” and “Backfire” before the turning point came with “Beachball”. They have since had success with remixes of Energy 52’s “Café Del Mar”, Da Hool’s “Meet Her at the Love Parade” and Lustral’s “Everytime”. In late 1999, they released their debut album, Krystal Palace.

DJ Sammy


Samuel Bouriah, better known by his stage name DJ Sammy, is a Spanish DJ and producer. He has released five albums and has had five top-10 hits, including a cover of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven”, which reached number one in the UK in 2002. The last track produced by him as DJ Sammy was “Shut up and kiss me” in 2013. They called him cheesy then but a lot of music made today in the name of trance is worse!

Ernesto Vs Bastian


The combination of a DJ with ten years experience (Ernesto van der Meij) and a equally experienced producer (Edwin Koelewijn) resulted in 2001 in the Dutch duo Ernesto vs. Bastian. Their style is trance and progressive and even a bit of pop. Their sound is influenced by everyone from Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys to early 80s soul, disco and funk. They hosted their own show at the web radio station
Edwin Koelewijn continued the project under this name for a while after Ernesto left the group in 2011.

Agnelli & Nelson


Agnelli & Nelson is the collective name of Northern Irish music producers Christoper James Agnew and Robert Frederick Nelson, writers and producers of dance music who have worked in the genre of trance since 1997. They also produce music under the names Afterburn, Cortez, Green Atlas, Quincey & Sonance and The A&N Project. The last track they released as Agnelli and Nelson was “Shivver” in 2005.

The One Who Is Apparently Making a Comeback!

Three Drives


 Three Drives, also known as Three Drives on a Vinyl, is a Dutch progressive trance duo founded by Erik de Koning and Ton van Empel. Their best-known tracks are “Greece 2000” (originally released in 1997 by Massive Drive Recordings, with more mainstream releases on ZYX Music and Hooj Choons) and “Sunset on Ibiza”. In June 2014, van Empel left the group. We finally hear that they are making a comeback soon. Let’s hope to see them spin out a few beauties soon!



These are all the names that came to our mind apart from acts like Adam Nickey, York and John O’Bir. Did we leave anyone out? Who do you wish makes a comeback in the scene? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • MaulikMaulik

    Author Reply

    Wow. Wonderful. Kai Tacid, Robert Mikes, Nalin & Kane, Moor. Amazing list. These guys created this genre out of their bedroom studios. But as they say, first generations builds, second grows & third destroys. And the cycle begins again.

  • JonJon

    Author Reply

    I feel like you could have added Jam and Spoon. Unless they’ve been producing music and I haven’t seen it.

    • HugoHugo

      Author Reply

      Mark Spoon died back in 2005 (Rip), Jam is still active though.


    Author Reply

    also blank and jones ,mauro picotto ,svenson and gielen ,kosmonova….

  • What about Transa? They should be on the list for sure. Those guys and Chris Cowie defined a genre back in the late 90’s and 00’s.

  • Breathing Rank 1… Gotta be High up there.. it’s my ring tone… Respect DJ Dave Norris

  • Peter FPeter F

    Author Reply

    For sure Blank and Jones, Randy Katana and his Fancy Fair was something that brings me to trance with Cosmic Gate and Rank1. John O’Callaghan known as Joint Operation Centre. Joop, Cliff Coenraad, Wippenberg, DJ Ton T.B., Ron Van Den Beuken, Drax and Scott Mac, Cygnus X, Marcel Woods, Signum…. Those were the names!

  • AnirbanAnirban

    Author Reply

    This piece of article is a bit debatable.

    Technically, the trance acts we miss the most are the Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Tiësto, Above & Beyond, etc of 10-15 years ago who were mostly responsible for designing trance the way it sounds. Like these names, the artists in the list (except Blueman and A&N) did try experimenting and moving on with the times to the new sounds which weren’t trance anymore, but didn’t succeed at all and hence faded away. This piece of article, I feel, is more of an obituary to them for not being heard anymore under the guise of ‘missing’ them.

    The sounds a true trance lover would dearly miss is the Tiësto, PVD, AVB, AnB, of old, people who designed a more popular form of trance and made it ‘global’. Let’s not take the credit away from them for transitioning to a more commercially accepted state of sound of this generation and not sticking to their classic form. Most trance lovers of the 90s and early 2000s would still associate the best sounds with these names.

  • ArcliteArclite

    Author Reply

    I was about to name Gouryella, but since Tiesto left in 2000, it’s not a group anymore. Anyway, it’s cool to see Corsten back again with his old alias.

  • HugoHugo

    Author Reply

    DJ Sammy? Trance? Alright?

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