September 30, 2022

Trade rumors about Kevin Durant: Grizzlies make 'new inquiries' about Nets star, per report

Trade rumors about Kevin Durant: Grizzlies make ‘new inquiries’ about Nets star, per report

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The Brooklyn Networks They’ve never been closer to trading star Kevin Durant, but the number of inquiry teams seems to be growing. When Durant submitted his trade order hours before the start of the NBA free agency on June 30, his preferred destination was Phoenix Suns And the Miami Heat. Both teams face obstacles to winning the champion twice. The Suns can’t include Deandre Ayton in a deal until January, and the Heat can’t send Bam Adebayo to Brooklyn because Designated ascendant rule.

The teams that are considered “serious threats” to landing Durant are Boston CelticsAnd the Toronto Raptors And the heat in the sun of hirsutism. The Celtics offered a commercial package of Jaylen Brown and Derrick White and a preliminary round to pick Brooklyn back in July, but it’s clear that Brooklyn is looking for a more significant deal. The Raptors are interested, but have declined to include Scotty Barnes in the deal. The Philadelphia 76ers They showed interest, too, and Durant reportedly views Philly as a favorable destination.

The list of interested teams able to seal a deal continues to grow, and the latest franchise to enter the Durant sweepstakes is Memphis Grizzlieswho made “new inquiries” about the attacking star, in Charania. Memphis makes sense as a trading partner for the Nets, as the team has a wealth of talented young players that Brooklyn can build around. However, Charania points out that for now the Grizzlies are not ready to break up with Garen Jackson Jr. or Desmond Payne, and would prefer to focus the trade package around draft picks. Memphis can make up to five picks in the first round, four of which are unprotected, and still include players like Brandon Clarke and Zayer Williams.

But we already know that the Nets don’t want a commercial package that’s all about high-quality role players and a bunch of choices. It was reported that when the Nets and Suns were discussing trade packages, Brooklyn said any deal with Phoenix would do. You should start with Devin Booker. Brooklyn has confirmed it wants to be competitive this season, and the asking price for Durant was all-star talent, high-quality role players, and draft picks, per Charania. If that’s the Nets’ metric, it looks as though Memphis should include Jackson Jr. To move the needle at all, that’s assuming Brooklyn highly values ​​Jackson Jr. to be okay with being the hub of the trade.

It’s almost a month into training camp, and as that date approaches, teams can begin to soften their stance on certain players in order to get to Durant. But for now, it’s as if the teams are still playing hardball with Brooklyn.