December 6, 2022

Top military official says Taiwan will not start war with China

Taiwan’s top military official said on Thursday that Taipei would not launch an operational war China Tensions in the region have risen since Beijing recently booked military aircraft Towards the island.

According to Reuters, Taiwan will not “start a war,” Xiu Guo-cheng said.

Some international observers are wondering whether China’s latest occupation near the island is planning an invasion of Beijing. Some believe the war is approaching, but many are concerned that the large-scale miscalculation of these Chinese chorts could turn into a major conflict and involve the US, Japan, the UK and Australia.

China claims Taiwan as its country and controlling the island is an important part of Beijing’s political and military thinking. President Xi Jinping reiterated over the weekend that “the reunification of the nation must be felt and must be realized” – a goal that has been very realistic with massive advances in China’s armed forces over the past two decades.

Taiwan has recently announced new investments in its military. President Tsai Ing-wen said the money was intended to “prove our commitment to protect us.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin told CNBC at an energy conference on Wednesday that China does not need to use its military to achieve its goal regarding Taiwan.

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“China is a very powerful economy, and in terms of purchasing power, China now ranks first in the world over the United States,” Putin said. Networking. “By increasing this economic potential, China will be able to implement its national objectives. I do not see any threat.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report