February 5, 2023

Top Biden’s ally begs him to remove Philippester for electoral reform

Biden said, “Let’s pick up the phone [Sen.] Joe Munchin said, ‘Hey, we need to do a carving.’ “Cliberne, centered in the West Virginia Democrats, opposed the reform.” I don’t care if he does it on the microphone or on the phone – do it. “

Claibern’s comments are the latest attempt by senior Democrats to find a way around Republican opposition to their electoral reform law. Biden is going to launch a very aggressive campaign to move and move public opinion behind those bills. On Tuesday he will travel to Philadelphia to deliver a speech on his administration’s “sacred, constitutional measures to protect the right to vote.” His comments come just days after the president met with leaders of national civil rights organizations at the White House, during which Biden called on them to use their voice, influence and power.

But The ability of the president to fight directly Restrictive voting laws that are considered or passed by Republican-led states across the country are rare. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about 50-50 seats in the Senate and gaining a majority in the House. Biden has so far expressed little desire to change the legislative amendment to the extent necessary to carry out his agenda. Adding sanctions are recent Supreme Court rulings that have weakened the judiciary’s ability to sue states for electoral laws.

If the two-vote right bills before Congress do not come to Biden’s table soon, Glybern said, “Democrats can say goodbye.”

“In a state like Georgia I can see – in January people progressed in a way no one thought they would – I can see the extent of the frustration among voters. [Sen. Rafael] Warnock will not return, ”he added.

In response to Claibern’s comments, a White House official noted Biden’s respect and admiration for Congressman and the president’s support for Philippester’s speech, which required a senator or group of senators to physically be on the floor to table a bill. But Biden has specifically asked questions about whether he believes it should be taken 60 votes for Philipster Law or not.

Anxiety and frustration over the failure to move the right to vote law are built not only on progressive activists, but also on civil rights advocates and members of the Democratic legislature. Democrats who spoke with POLITICO believed that the failure of this front would not only lead to electoral losses, but that the Republican-led states’ implementation of restrictions on voting access would have a positive impact on the country’s democracy.

Adding to that frustration is the recent Supreme Court ruling, which is another big blow to the suffrage law. Lawyers and Civil Rights Lawyers Hopefully this decision will make it harder to bring lawsuits against new electoral laws passed by Republican-led states.

“I hope the president gets a little more aggressive,” said President John Yarmouth (T-Guy), who is expected to lose his seat. Republicans decide to do JerryMander Districts in Kentucky at the time of redistribution. “Obviously they have a whole plate and they try to deal with a lot of things [but] There are many who believe that we are at a critical juncture in defending democracy, especially after the Supreme Court ruling. ”

“Democrats have” deep fears “about what will happen to our democracy, who will not win in 2022, and what will happen to democracy,” he said.

The Democrats’ signature electoral reform bill expands early voting, banning partisan germination, among other changes that touch every aspect of the electoral system. The second bill, named after the late President John Lewis (D-C.), Restored key sections of the 1965 Major Voting Rights Act, which forced jurisdictions with a history of racial discrimination to require federal approval for electoral law changes. Government.

“We have to have a federal legislative solution, how do we find ourselves politically,” said Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.), Deputy chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee. Republicans in Dean’s home state of Pennsylvania are calling for an Arizona-style audit of the 2020 election results.

Dean also said he hopes Biden will approve the bidder for bills related to electoral reform.

“I hope the president will do that – I think Philipster should be removed if the conversation about things is not really used for further discussion,” Dean said. “But I hope the president will lead this.”

One White House official, Biden, has been actively pushing for both laws, and has sent several agencies to lobby the White House Legislature and senior staff. On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris announced that the Democratic National Committee would invest $ 25 million.

On Friday, the White House’s press secretary, Jen Saki, cited the judiciary’s recent move to increase funding and staffing for its civil rights division, and Biden’s decision to appoint two “civil rights activists” to key roles in the DOJ.

Zaki said Biden’s speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday was not about the legislative process, but about a “moral obligation” to defend the right to vote.

But for many Democrats on and off the mountain, the whole ballot is a legislative process.

“If he is serious about enforcing his right to vote, he should at least support the replacement of Philippester,” said Cliff Albright, co-founder of Blackwater Matter, a group that has been mobilizing voters in Georgia and the southern states. 2020. “If he does not want to support it … he no longer has to tweet about voting rights – shut up.”

There are only two ways for Democrats to pass the bills, said Delegate Blybern: Munchin has found 10 Republicans to support the amended election bill and the Lewis Bill, or the Democrats are dropping out of Philipster.

Glybern said he had a meeting with Manjin and their staff at the time Manjin was designing the changes Democrats’ Electoral Reform Bill. Claibern told him, “I did not ask you to remove Philip. … But what I am telling you is that no one should have the right to file my constitutional rights. ”

While not embracing the Philippister reform, Biden said he hopes Democrats will find more legislative tactics and political maneuvering to move election bills forward.

“This is an existential crisis for democracy and the party that defends democracy,” said Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

“When you read Robert Crow’s biography of LPJ, you see how the Voting Rights Act of 1965 could not have been passed without his personal personal muscle intervention with certain reform Democratic senators,” Ruskin said. “It simply came to our notice then. As a longtime senator and student of the Senate, I believe this analogy is in Joe Biden’s mind. ”