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From time to time, we do a seriously interesting interview. This time, we had a nice chat with one of the most important “138+” men on the American continent – Tom Colontonio!

First of all, thank you, Tom, for taking your time with this interview. It’s great to have you back here at Trance Hub with us!


How have you been doing lately, tell us – what is your career like, these days?

 “I’ve been doing a lot of studio time as of late. In 2012 I branched out to some new styles and enjoyed the freedom to explore some new sounds as well as learning a ton of production techniques that weren’t used in Trance.”

 Are you happy with the way the scene is evolving at the moment?

“What I’m seeing is things headed back underground here in the USA which is nice in a sense. The massive explosion of the EDM scene her was mind blowing. Millions of people catching on at once to the sounds and excitement of electronic music. The radios finally are supporting the music here and its now at the club level but I feel it’s leveled off now. Trance still has its following and always will which is nice as well. I’m not fully sure what the future holds here but it’s exciting none the less!”

  What was your best event in your whole career?

“Playing the Sunrise festival in Poland on my birthday! Such an amazing gig and production. It was def. a special moment for me!”

  As of this moment, do you have any specific goals you want to achieve in your career?

 “At this moment I am very contact with my music and placement in the whole scheme of things. A major goal of mine is getting some music in film and commercial too. This is something I’m exploring and have met with several companies about work in the future. It’s always been a goal of mine!”

 When it comes to being supported in the whole world, who’s support means the most to you?

“Music Lovers.. this is the best thing for support. I really enjoy the fans that just love the music and have a passion for it. It’s exciting to see people blog and make videos etc of my music and it drives me to create quality tracks for the masses.”

  What do you think will become of trance, in the upcoming years and are you planning to stick to it, or maybe explore other styles?

 “Trance will always have its fan base which is nice. I think the Electronic explosion has brought more attention to the genre for people who are looking beyond the typical sounds being made at the moment. This is a good thing for trance as it’s a passionate music for people. I see the Trance collective (Trancefamily) always giving great support to the artists and spreading the word out.

As for exploring new styles I have been doing that for a few years now. I have done some remixes for Billboard etc such as Latin pop star Noelia, Timabaland, Redfoo (LMFAO) and recently Em Rossi “Young hearts”. These tracks were all in the 128bpm zone and had that house/ Progressive feel to them. Very enjoyable to remix!”

 What keeps you going? Where do you take your inspiration?

Hmm. That’s a tough one! I draw from many things now. Nature being one of them. I am creating a lot of my music mobile now so I usually drive to places I love (Longport) and sketch ideas for later use. The advancement of technology has also made this easier too! I’m also a big classical and metal fan so these are my vices too!”

 Do you like being on tour, or you rather lock yourself in your studio? More a DJ or a producer?

“I toured a great amount since 2007 and was so fortunate to see the world in over 23 countries. I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who helped me make that a reality and the fans I met across the globe who made it all worthwhile.  As of lately I haven’t.. I def have some international stuff coming up again and I will announce all that when I know!”

 What do you think about ghost producing?

An extremely touchy topic lol. It’s everywhere it seems now. Trance, House etc. I have  a theory on this. EDM helped put rock on the backburner in the USA etc. All those producers need work to live so it opened the doors for many talented producers to sit in their studios and make tracks for EDM artists etc and get paid to do so. I don’t have a problem with DJs getting help but flat out track buying and people skipping the creative process can be bothersome. Especially for upcoming  guys who deserve more and can’t get ahead while ghosted guys do. But this has always existed in all music so it’s  part of life in the game. Work hard and make good music and people will hear it and it will come to light!  This I the theory I always lived by.”


Be on the lookout for my new track “The Ark” a 140 bpm ripper!



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