September 30, 2022

"The Masked Singer"

Tom Brady’s mystery sparks speculation that he’s the masked singer

Getty Images

The fact that no one knows anything about the pirate midfielder Tom BradyHis current whereabouts during the extended training camp hiatus for “personal” reasons invite speculation about his whereabouts and what he’s doing. And the longer it lasted, the crazier the speculation got.

And speculation on Friday officially crossed into the land fucking nut.

Someone (or several people; I can’t really tell) theorized that Tom Brady left training camp for a stint at Fox. masked singer. The facts presented in support of the theory are flimsy and superficial, and the whole thing seems to have the air of the tongue.

While Brady has a contract with Fox that extends well beyond working as the network’s number one NFL analyst, he presumably doesn’t start until he retires from football. Also, the notion that they expect him to give up training camp for about two weeks for something he can do after he’s done soccer seems like a silly stretch.

But that’s what happens when one of the iconic players in league history leaves camp without a peep, and when his team does a poor job of managing messages. The Bucs tried to put toothpaste back in the tube, for a bit, on Friday, with coach Todd Bowles saying he knew when Brady would be back — a day after Bowles said he didn’t.

Void horror. Nature hates emptiness. Human nature does this, too. And with no information to explain Brady’s inexplicable training camp break, we’re looking for anything to help make sense. With Brady saying nothing and the circumstances fanning the flames of speculation, it only makes sense that something very strange would emerge and spread.

This is the only reason we decided to post an item on it. This crack theory and extensive coverage of it has become too big to ignore. And the biggest winner is Fox, who will now have more people watching next season of masked singer To see if Brady gets out of the outfit.