September 30, 2022

Tokyo Game Show 2022 - Photo Gallery

Tokyo Game Show 2022 – Photo Gallery

The Tokyo Game Show held its first in-person event in three years from September 15-18. From Sega to me CapcomAnd the Konami to me Square Enix, VR to Blockchain, and even one lady’s boil in a pot. The event had it all.

The first two days were business days, and the last two days were open to the public. The crowds are always lighter on business days, but it seemed like business as usual: there were still hours-long queues for the most popular games and every booth was packed with industry professionals.

So let’s take a photo tour of what each major lounge has to offer!

Halls 4-6

Halls 4-6 were the biggest attraction of the event, with the most crowded booths. These halls feature booths for Sega/atleastAnd the Square EnixAnd the KonamiAnd the Bandai Namco EntertainmentAnd THQ Nordic, Steam Deck, Mega Quest, and others.

Halls 7 and 8

Halls 7 and 8 were huge Capcom Booth with lots of toys to display, big booth for that company skyand a surprisingly huge attendance of Shueisha Toys. The latter revealed a new game in cooperation with Netease games And the Neverland Promise‘s Busuka Demizu at the event on Thursday. These halls also house an e-sports area and a disappointing small merchandise section, which is mostly dominated by Square Enix And the Capcom.

Halls 1-3

The main attractions in Halls 1-3 were KOEI Tecmo Games, Happinet, and Level Infinite. These halls also housed various pavilions for games from other countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Germany and Norway. In addition, these halls also feature the indie gaming area which is filled with lots of smaller booths with indie games to try.

Here’s a look at the crowds from Halls 7 and 8 on the last public day on Sunday.